CSWE- Council on Social Work Education Commission on Accreditation

Council on Social Work Education Commission is the accrediting agency that accredits institutions who offer the social work educational programs according to the standards of this accrediting agency. To get more insight, scroll down.

Updated by TCM Staff on 29th September 2020

CSWE was found in 1952, it is the national certifying agency that accredits social work education in the United States. It accredits bachelor's degree and master’s degree educational programs.

CSWE is affirmed by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This accreditation gives CSWE the refinement of being the sole authorizing organization for social work instruction. 

Guiding Values of Council on Social Work Education Commission on Accreditation

CSWE’s mission is a consistent improvement in the quality of social work in advanced education by setting and keeping up national accreditation norms for baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in social work, by advancing workforce improvement, by participating in universal coordinated efforts, and by supporting for social work instruction and research. 

Eligibility Requirements of CSWE

The eligibility needs for colleges for accreditations include

  • The audit of the social work program by the Commission on Accreditation (COA) is approved by the CEO of the foundation.

  • The program is situated in an establishment perceived by a local certifying body affirmed by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

  • The establishment must be lawfully sorted out and approved to work as a postsecondary educational organization under the laws of the applicable state.

  • The establishment has a composed governmental policy regarding minorities in society approach, plan or program, and techniques, and an expressed strategy against segregation in light of race, shading, religion, belief, sex, ethnic or national root, incapacity, or age.

  • The organization has selected the main head who has shown initiative capacity through educating, educational programs improvement, authoritative experience, and other scholarly and expert exercises in the field of social work.

  • The foundation reports adequate and firm institutional backings to make and keep up the social work program. 

Decision Making Bodies of CSWE

The immediate vote of full members and a chosen Board of Directors administers CSWE. The Board is made up of people from the nation over and represents educational programs, staff, experts, ethnic minority gatherings, and private nationals. There are also committees that are formed to take decisions on important topics which are-

  • Commission on Accreditation

  • Commission for Diversity & Social and Economic Justice

  • Commission on Educational Policy

  • Commission on Global Social Work Education

  • Commission on Membership and Professional Development

  • Commission on Research.

Colleges and Universities under CSWE accreditation

The colleges and universities that come under CSWE accreditation includes 

Humboldt State University

Huntington University
Campbellsville University California State University
Brescia University Brandman University


CSWE is the certifying agency that certifies or accredits institutions that provide education on social work education. It strives to bring excellence in social work education. 

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