How to Deal With College Rejection?

We all deal with rejections but what that matters is how we overcome that situation and move forward to lead a better future. Learn More in this article that how to deal with the college rejections.

TCM Staff

20th February 2020

College Rejection

We all deal with rejections but what that matters is how we overcome that situation and move forward to lead a better future. There are many colleges that send admission decisions through a letter and a few colleges via mail. 

Rejection hurts, how much ever a person tries to convince and console. Especially a rejection from your dream college. “It’s totally fine to be hurt but don’t dwell and let it overshadow success,” said the greatest Canadian singer Leonard Cohen.

It is more important to move on and work more hard to get it done. We agree it is not as easy as it is to say, but guys don’t be disappointed.

Rejection doesn’t mean you are bad, it just means you have to put more hard work in order to meet your expectation. There will be many other preferably good colleges who would be happy to take you to their institute. Most of the top colleges will have an admission criterion to take students on board. There are many chances that you can wait for another year and build whatever skills are required for admission. But it is important that you utilize that one year to improve and enhance your knowledge.

There are many students who give up once they face rejection which is not commendable. There will be many other good options for you to choose from. It is definitely not an end to the world if you get rejected which most of the students think. Do not get into the impression that your life or education is going to end up abruptly once you get rejected. Remember that life goes on.

Former British prime minister quoted, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that count”. As he said, it is okay to get rejected but definitely not okay to stop working on improving yourself.


Here's are a few tips to help you overcome the rejection from your dream college.


Just because you got rejected, it does not mean you are supposed to know the reason WHY? It is important to analyze what went wrong in the application and get a conclusion for your question. It’s of no use to just gather information as in what went wrong, it is also important to make a list of them and improving yourself.


One should not lose confidence just because a university did not accept your application. You should be confident enough to face the situation and believe in yourself. In this digital world, it is very easy to gather information about who is doing what. It is better to stop caring what people say and start working on your ability.


It is definitely the best idea to go on a vacation for a week. It helps you relax and enjoy the things life has offered you. It may even help you to change your perception of being rejected. Spend time with friends and family. Talk to your elders if you are facing any problem.


It is good to have the attitude of never giving up how much ever difficult the situation is. It is important to use this rejection as motivation to enhance your knowledge which is appreciated.


Do not demotivate your kids. Spending some quality time with them will really help in a way you cant imagine. Be supportive and help them and give them the positivity to get into the next best thing. There is always a better life after a disappointment, don't just give up.

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