Colleges with high acceptance rate

Not always our choice of college goes hand in hand with us. It is always better to have a backup plan. Check out this college list of High acceptance rate and apply for one, if you feel your GPA and other factors is not up to the mark.

Updated by TCM Staff on 12th May 2020

Everyone has a 'Dream college' to Destin. But chances do not favor us always. Applying to the college lies in our hand but the next step of selection is something out of our control. Scoring a good GPA, writing the perfect essay and having average scores in standardized exams do not guarantee you a seat in the college you prefer. Competition and other factors can affect your selection. You need not worry about it when you have a back-up plan ready. In this article, we will see about the colleges which are easy to enter or the college that have a high acceptance rate.

What is ‘acceptance rate’?

                           acceptance rate calculation

It is the rate at which the applied students are accepted for admission to the college. This number is calculated by dividing the total candidates selected by the number of applicants.

For instance, in a college, if 100 students applied for it and 10 people get selected. Then the acceptance rate of the college is 10% and if all the 100 students are selected then the acceptance rate will be 100%. Read more about the acceptance rate.

What can we infer from the acceptance rate? 

The acceptance rate will just give an idea about your application's success rate. It is not an accurate measure of it. For example,

Two schools A and B have the following pattern in their admission:


School A

School B

Number of student Applied



Number of students selected



The acceptance rate of both colleges comes out to be 50%.

Even though the acceptance rate of two colleges is the same, their student intake number varies. So while looking at the admission rate of the college, check its total applicants, competition and other factors as well. So the acceptance rate does not tell us about the college's standard.

What does a 100% acceptance rate mean?

A 10 0% acceptance rate means all the students who have applied for the college has secured a seat in it. That means If 1000 students have applied for the college and all the 1000 students get admission to the college. Here is the list of 50 colleges which has an acceptance rate of 100% :

  • Allen College

  • Allen University

  • Amridge University

  • Benedict College

  • Bismarck State College

  • Boston Architectural College

  • Cambridge College

  • City University of Seattle

  • College of Southern Nevada

  • Concordia College Selma

  • Crowley's Ridge College

  • CUNY - College of Staten Island

  • Dixie State University

  • East-West University

  • Granite State College

  • Granite State College

  • Great Basin College

  • Heritage Christian University

  • Indian River State College

  • Lane College

  • Laurel University

  • Lewis Clark State College

  • Lyndon State College

  • Martin University

  • Metropolitan State University

  • Metropolitan State University

  • Miles College

  • Montana State University-Northern

  • Montana State University-Northern

  • Morris College

  • New England College

  • New Mexico Highlands University

  • Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

  • Park University

  • Peru State College

  • Saint Augustine College

  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

  • The Santa Fe University of Art and Design

  • Selma University

  • The University of Texas at Brownsville

  • Thomas College

  • Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • University of Arkansas Fort Smith

  • University of Lynchburg

  • University of Maryland University College

  • University of Pikeville

  • Wayne State College

  • Weber State University

  • Western International University

  • Wilmington University


These are the list of colleges with a high acceptance rate, Even though it is not 100% all have an acceptance rate above 90%. These colleges are reputed and easy to enter too. 

  • Brigham Young University - Idaho

  • Gordon College

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • Iona College

  • Kansas State University

  • Marymount University

  • Maryville University

  • North Dakota State University

  • Otis College of Art and Design

  • Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • Samford University

  • The Culinary Institute of America

  • Troy University

  • University of Akron

  • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

  • University of Kansas

  • University of Kentucky

  • University of Montana

  • University of Northern Colorado

  • University of Toledo

  • University of Wyoming

  • Utah State University

  • Virginia State University

  • Western Kentucky University

  • Wright State University

Acceptance rates of the above-mentioned colleges are subjected to change according to the competition and applications received. These colleges act as your back up plan, in case if your GPA and Standardized test scores went down. Less acceptance rate does not imply low academic standards.

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