Getting A Head Start On Your Scholarship Search

Need a few tips for your scholarship search that would give you a competitive advantage over others? This article provides a comprehensive outlook on how to search for scholarships efficiently and successfully . To know more, read on..

TCM Staff

13th April 2020

First of all, what is a scholarship? A scholarship is a financial aid provided to students on the basis of academic merit or extracurricular merit. College is an expensive investment and some people can afford college only through a scholarship that would be given to them on the basis of their talent and merit. A scholarship is not only financial aid toward tuition but also other expenses like rooming, board and even textbooks. A scholarship allows individuals who can’t afford the tuition of a certain college to study at the college of their choosing based entirely on their merit. Each scholarship has particular rules and regulations and special application processes.

An Introduction To Your Scholarship Search

There are a variety of scholarships available for the student population depending on their requirements. When picking a scholarship to make sure they meet your financial requirements and whether or not it is renewable. Furthermore, you must cross-check whether the organization offering scholarships are liable to offer you a scholarship. Before researching scholarships it would be more helpful if you fulfill the criteria and conditions that make you eligible for a basic scholarship. Applicants of scholarships can be chosen depending on a variety of factors like financial need, academic merit and even extracurricular merit.

Tips on starting your scholarship

  • Before applying to colleges for scholarships it would be more helpful if you spoke to your guidance counselor or even your in-school therapist. Your counselor would be very helpful in helping you narrow down which colleges would suit you most. Therefore by choosing a college, it would be easier to apply for a scholarship meeting your requirements. Your counselor would also help you meet the conditions and prerequisites of the scholarship you applied for.

  • Another way to research potential scholarships is to look online. There are certain apps and websites that show your scholarships customized to your preferences. By doing thorough research on the scholarship you want you will be more prepared to meet their expectations. It is also important to check the authenticity of the scholarship so as to avoid scams and cons. Be sure to communicate with representatives of your preferred scholarship. 

  • There is no specific time to start looking and applying for scholarships. Though it is advisable to apply after your senior year has ended. Some scholarship programs start accepting applicants even before their sophomore year. Some programs require essays or even interviews to be completed by their applicants. These requirements can be prepared for better if you start earlier. The best way to start preparing yourself for a scholarship program is to start participating in extracurricular activities such as sports or even various clubs.Simultaneously you must make sure your grades are constantly improving.

After securing both academics and extracurriculars you can start applying for colleges and taking campus visits to make sure that is the college you wish to attend. Studying for your SATS/PSATS would give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.your SATS/PSATS would make you eligible for a national merit scholarship. 

How To Apply For a Scholarship

Each scholarship is uniquely different due to the diversity of applicants. Usually getting accepted into a prestigious scholarship program would include three major rounds- a written round or essay, a resume and finally an interview.

  • The written portion of the essay would be centered around the applicant’s personality and characteristics. The main thing to remember is not to stray off topic and make sure you highlight the best aspects of yourself. Furthermore, your essay should portray you as a  well rounded colorful individual who would be an asset to this program.

  • After you have successfully passed the essay round you would be asked to submit a resume. Your resume is a summary of all your achievements both academic and extracurricular. Your resume should once again be well rounded and have a healthy combination of academics as well as essential extracurriculars.

  • If your resume has been accepted by the program then you would be eligible for the next round which is the face to face interview. The interview is slightly complicated because there is no preparation time. But the questions they would ask would be mainly related to yourself and why you chose to pursue this particular scholarship program. 

In conclusion, a scholarship is great financial aid for those who simply cant afford it. This article should provide some insight and be of great help to those who wish to apply for scholarships to their preferred college. Best of luck!

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