Going Back to College at 30

Age is just a number. Attending a college at the age of 30 demands a lot of your commitment, self-motivation as well as the focus on learning. Read on...

TCM Staff

6th May 2020

Well, it is true that life is a non-stop project management with resources of time, people, money, and skills. You may continue to do what you do today, yet start in parallel, do something you feel better with, and make more money. 

Attending a college at the age of 30 demands a lot of your commitment, self-motivation as well as the focus on learning. There is a popular saying somewhere that knowledge has no age. Knowledge cannot be certified by number. You can start at any age. Knowledge does not follow numbers. Go ahead if you want to. Who is stopping you? You can gain knowledge of any time and anywhere.

Following are some important points that you must consider while attending a college at 30:

  1. Your commitment on time

  2. What do you actually want?

  3. Research

  4. Plan for it

  5. Do you really want to go ahead?

Think positively and smartly. Take a look at the following points:

Time is precious

The present time is the only time anyone ever has. Instead of looking back and possibly regretting things you cannot change or trying to imagine in your mind what the future might be, concentrate your focus here and now. See what is in front of you that you can do now. You can create your future carefully by paying attention and being focused on the present moment. 

Don't spend too much time thinking about how old you are. Just think about how much more time you don't want to waste, and just get started as soon as the next class starts. Begin by taking a single class, in something you know you can manage, just to get used to going to school.

Actual Desire

If you want to make your hobbies into a profession, go for it. Sometimes, it is not always the best idea because your hobby will be more of an obligation, but that’s okay. Doing something you like just makes getting out of bed easier and you'll be more motivated to do that. 

Try to shift your perspective. Rather than thinking too much about your age, try to imagine how many more years you have to live. The motive of this exercise is to realize that you might go anytime to the point that standing still is no longer an option. 

Remember, one of the greatest causes of stagnation is the idea that there is still time to change. 

Search and Research

Search for some courses and colleges to get a better understanding of how they function. These searches will help you put into perspective any role in a company and how it serves to enable the business to grow and prosper.

 Presently the whole world is changing and needs undoing and new doing. There are plenty of opportunities in every field. Don't work for someone else, work for yourself, and search for yourself. Work for your family. Start with an idea, and use that. Join a college and learn to master your skills.

Take a Small Step

Take small steps every day in one direction. It does not mean you can’t make plans and create some goals but make them small achievable ones and work towards them one step at a time., Your mindset has a lot to do with how you handle things. 

Overall, don't be anxious or frustrated. Not knowing your path is not always a bad thing and everyone has their own journey. Some people don't find what they want until they're 30. And that's okay. As long as you keep wanting to change and progress, you will. That's for certain.

Go For It

There are always options but now you need to create your own luck and that’s hard. Without a good degree, it’s hard abs you have found out so you either go back and study while you can or make do with what’s available to you in your location.

 In today’s global economy many people of your age will change their professions more than once, so don't feel bad. There is a need to examine your talents and recognize in what fields you feel comfortable.

Your destiny is forming and you are not in control of it in quite the way you may believe, but begin to trust that what is meant for you and what is right will begin to materialize for you and possibly sooner than you expect. Hence, you got to keep working towards reaching your goals.


Age is just a number. It is the need to pursue the degree and it’s never too late to start at any age. Your conviction and your interest are the two things that define you to go to college to pursue a degree. 

Be proud of yourself for wanting to expand your horizons and don't let your concern for what others think, or self-perceived past failures get in your way. Plan everything, know, and stick to it. 

Why do you want to go to college? It is always a great decision to better yourself. Only you know if this is the right path for you, and being self-conscious of your age is a terrible reason to pass on something this potentially life-changing. Keep going. 

Good Luck!

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