Graduation Day Guide

Graduation day. Its a day you have been waiting for the longest time in your life. Its a day meant for celebration with your family, friends, teachers and all your well wishers. Now let us know how graduation day is celebrated.

TCM Staff

4th March 2020

Graduation day. Its a day you have been waiting for the longest time in your life.

It is an important day in your life as you celebrate it with all those people who have helped you and supported you to finish your graduation in such a way that you are now going to have the life of your dreams.

Its a day meant for celebration with your family, friends, teachers and all your wellwishers. Its a celebration and there is no need to be worried about anything. It is a huge opportunity to thank everyone who helped you and also believed in you more than you believed in yourself. Now, let us know how the graduation day is celebrated.

What is a Graduation Day?

In simpler words, “Graduation day” is an important day in a student’s life on which to receive or graduating an academic degree on completion of one’s degree.

The graduation ceremony is the day of the process which involves the march of the students on stage, speeches, official announcements regarding the graduation of every student of the college. Hence, the ceremony is attended by family, friends, and wellwishers.

The ceremony ends with the graduates throwing their hats known as mortarboards to air as the sign of a new step to their lives. 

Tips for you to follow on your life’s one of the biggest days

Get some good sleep

As your parents always say, it is important to have a good sleep the day prior to the big event. It can help you feel much relaxed. You might be worried about your dress, the number of people attending the event, and many other things the previous day. It is not really necessary. It is your day. Be excited and have fun with “your people”. Enjoy your success.

Be ready to capture the moments

People take pictures to capture a few special moments and cherish them for a lifetime. It is very much important to capture those moments where you are receiving your graduation certificate from a prestigious college. Take pictures with every person who ever helped you in your college/school life. It is not only a big day for you, but also for your parents, siblings, friends, wellwishers, teachers, guides and your mentors. People say, “every picture has a story behind it”. It is a happy story to be told to your future generations.

Talk to your classmates

It might be the last time you will be communicating with your mates. There are high chances of you all moving to different cities or even countries. Sort it out if there is any misunderstanding. Make peace with your friends. If you ever wanted to share or confess something to your friend, it is the best time to do so. End your college on a good note.

Selfcare and Grooming

Grooming is one of the tasks which takes more time as you have to what to wear and how to present yourself. It is better to wear whatever you are comfortable in.

It is also important to keep the weather in mind when you are selecting the dress. Although you will be wearing your gown for the majority of your day, it is important to be comfortable. Especially for women, it is better not to wear high heels unless you are comfortable with it.

Most of you will be having cold feet while walking on stage, hence comfort and confidence is the most important factor. There are high chances of your parents being overwhelmed and emotional. Also, tears run out of their eyes in no time. It will be a meaningful event as well. It is better to have a tissue.

Be Calm

It's not the event where you spend your time sitting in just one place. It involves a lot of walking, standing, clapping for others, and many more. You just can't leave once you receive your graduation certificate. Try to live the moment, cheer for your fellow mates, and make it a memorable day as you don't throw your hats in the air very often. It's for sure is a lifetime experience.

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