How Much Does Online College Cost?

Online colleges cost varies depending on the college you choose and most of these are cost-effective when compared to regular colleges. Find out which is right for the career that you want to pursue.

TCM Staff

20th March 2020

Online College Costs?

Online colleges cost varies depending on the college you choose and most of these are cost-effective when compared to regular colleges.

There are basically two types: public and private where the public colleges are government aided and there are no additional tuition charges, restricted to only one specific region or state; whereas private colleges have tuition fees but have equally all the benefits as of an ideal online school.

The online schedules are much more self-paced and flexible, as opposed to public online schools. Private online schools are much more affordable than private conventional ones. Like public schools, private schools are not restricted to specific regions; anyone can get registered in these online classes.

What is the Average Cost of an Online College?

The total average cost for traditional college is around $85,000 whereas online college costs around $30,000 which is very much affordable.

Why Online Classes are Cost-Effective?

  • Traveling: This is one of the major reasons one would choose to go to online education. It’s easy and convenient to study at home without having to travel miles and also save money.

  • It is not necessary to buy the books and study; All your study material will be sent to you in the PDF format or in the form of presentation slides. So, the students can easily download the complete material on their laptops, desktops, tablets, and can study them from their own place and time.

  • The institutions do not demand you to pay any additional charges as everything will be cover under your admission. Also, there are few programs where the students have to purchase some materials but that's in very rare cases.

  • As time passes and technology grows, the total number of enrollment for online courses is rapidly growing. Implicitly, this changed the way traditional colleges charge for their getting admitted into their universities.

  • Reasons can be many which keep the cost factor always in the favor of a student.

Cost Comparison between Online Education and On-Campus

The cost varies based on one taking online or campus programs. The following table gives you a clear picture of price difference between campus and the non-traditional method of education. Ultimately whatever the cost is, it's you who decides what sort of education works considering your daily schedule, education, and interest.


Undergraduate Online

Undergraduate On-Campus

Tuition and fees



Books and supplies












Travel allowances









Things to be Considered While Taking Online Classes

Tuition Fees

This is the basic and most important that you should consider while choosing an online college. Check is the tuitions are charged based on the credit hour. Remember, every college calculates the tuition fee in a different pattern, so you need to be clear about it.

The tuition costs also depend on the type of degree you choose. The Associate’s degree costs the minimum whereas degrees such as the bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate costs goes up and might even push to go for student loans sometimes.

Higher the college fee, higher the quality of education. This does not mean that online colleges as they charge less offer low education quality.

Additional learning resources are often necessary to improve your quality of education. Textbooks might come under this category. Most students find it easier to learn from notebooks than eBooks.

Most of the students invest more in education which may directly have an impact on their career, exposure to higher-paying jobs. Therefore, whatever choice you make, it's important that benefits you in the future and fetches you a good career and pay of course.

List of few Colleges Offering Online Classes

  • Huntsville Bible College

  • University of Florida

  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • University of Georgia

  • Truman State University

  • SUNY College at Oswego

  • University of South-Florida

  • SUNY College at Plattsburgh

  • Appalachian State University

  • Saint Louis Christian College

  • University of Central Florida

  • California State University-Fullerton

  • San Diego State University

  • Florida Internal University

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

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