How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

LOR is an approval of a school student who acts as an applicant that is written to support possibilities for admission. Learn More about how to obtain a recommendation letter and how to use it.

TCM Staff

20th March 2020

Pleasing your teachers or school counselor for a recommendation letter is as challenging as you are asking your special person on a date. You being a student who is always good in studies and co-curricular activities, you will make it for sure.

But there are a few considerations to be made before requesting a L.O.R that is you should be thoughtful and creative in certain ways. Obtaining high-quality letters usually doesn't happen overnight – it's a process that takes time and planning. So here is an article in which you will be able to everything about the letter. 

What is L.O.R?

It is an approval of a school student who acts as an applicant that is written to support possibilities for admission. These are brief, formal statements that should highlight positive features and demonstrate why the applicant will be successful in university education.

How to Approach for the L.O.R to your Teacher?

You should be able to answer every question your teacher asks, so be prepared with everything. Here are a few points you can consider while asking your teachers.

  • Go meet them in person (face to face) instead of sending a request in an e-mail. Seek information about your teacher’s schedule and fix an appointment with them so that you will have enough time to have a small talk regarding the letter.

  • It might be scary for you to ask your teacher for this favor, so be prepared on how to approach them. You can also praise them like telling that you had a great experience in their class and the learning was easy.

  • Give them precise information about all your achievements and certifications. 

  • If by any chance, your teacher rejects to write a letter for you, it is totally fine. Do not be aggressive. Say thank you to him/her and approach another teacher.

  • It is better to have knowledge about the Brag sheet. It is basically very similar to a resume but it also features your experiences, interests, skill (leadership, communication and technical), work reports, achievements and also co-curricular activities of yours. 

How to Approach for the L.O.R to your Counselor?

The letter from your school counselor is considered as the secondary school report. You will have a choice to make when it comes to a letter from teachers but in the case of the counselor, you are left with no choice. Important steps to follow are as follows.

  • Again in this, it is better to meet him/her face to face and introduce yourself in a way that they cannot reject your approach.

  • Generally, there will be 2 meetings set up between you and a counselor. Since they will be busy with the college letters, do not be impatient for waiting for him/her on their doorstep or office. 

  • Be creative and prepare yourself and present yourself in front of them so that the letter from them will be a strong reference.

  • Since their schedule will be hectic, it is better to meet them even before meeting your teacher. 

  • Give them brief details about your achievements and excellence in academics. For this, a brag sheet will be of great help. It is okay to be self-proclaimed in these situations. 

Why the Letter of Recommendation? 

Many of you may be wondering if it is necessary to submit these letters in order to get into a university. The answer is yes and here are the reasons why it is needed.

  • They provide insight into what you are like as a student and person from the perspective of someone who has worked closely with you during your high school career.

  • It reveals certain things about you that grades and test scores can not.

  • It represents one’s personal opinions of your personality.

  • It helps colleges to know who is willing to speak on your behalf and if you are worth it.

When should you be asking for L.O.R?

You will have to request letters of recommendation before the last date to submit the application, maybe a month or two. It is better to give your teachers enough time to know you better and write it all in a structured manner for you so that there will be a strong impact on the letter.

Letter of Recommendation Sample

Here is a sample of how you can approach your teachers and counselors via a formal letter.

From- Name

Necessary details (Address, email ID, Phone number)

To - Name of your teacher

Details of the subject they take, school name

Respected sir/madam

I’m reaching out because I’m applying for XYZ College and I am pulling together a few L.O.Rs to highlight why I’m qualified or fit for this institution.

I really enjoyed the classes in the school and was able to develop and enhance many skills in various fields like communication, technical, and more. I have also inculcated good behavior. I am thankful to the institution and you for being a constant support. 

I know you’re busy. But it would be really helpful if you can recommend me with certain additional points and information to make it a little easier for joining the institution.

Would you be able to write a recommendation letter for me? Please let me know if you have any further questions about this. 

Thank You

[Your Name]

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