How To Choose Between Two Careers

Everything in life is about choice. To be happy, successful, fulfilled in life is a matter of choice. There is a strong link between the career you choose and your purpose in life. If you are ever faced with the dilemma of choosing between two career paths, this article is for you.

TCM Staff

29th March 2023

Life is a choice. Which path do you prefer?

Interest and hard work are the two important things that lie with the choice of your career. Career is a way of making a living, a profession or work which may require certain levels of learning or training. It is a life-long job, professional progress, a vocation or occupation that a person goes into and therein makes a living. Any career requires individual focus and attention. It requires significant experience. It demands patience and persistence.

There are hundreds of career options. Nowadays, most youngsters are confused and are not able to select between two career options. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Try to understand, which career path does your heart call for? If you love both career paths, think about which path you know you will be more successful in and will bring your financial peace. If both careers do that for you, think about which one you see yourself staying in longer. Always know what you want. You might dream of becoming a musician, an artist, a painter or a leader. But, always be sure of it. 

Ask yourself the following questions: What is it that you do so well? Where do you think you have an advantage over your colleagues? What do you enjoy doing with little or no encouragement? Your answer to these questions might be your talent.

Consider The Following Important Points

  • If you are interested in a particular field, try to gather as much information about it as you can. Take the help of forums and social media sites to know more about that particular field, current market, and future perspective and job opportunities in the field.

  • Make sure that the career you choose matches your skills set and you will excel in your career.

  • You need to recover all your educational expenses. Make sure that your career generates enough revenue for your life.

  • You may not have a proper understanding of various fields and career options. Check with people you know about career information.

  • Networking can lead to meeting someone who may be able to answer your questions about a specific career or company.

  • It is an effective way to learn about the type of training necessary for a particular position, what it took to get into the field and the positive and negative aspects of the work.

  • Most of the professionals are active on online networking portals such as Some professionals even use Facebook to get in touch with others in their field as well as research potential candidates.

Do’s and Don’ts while choosing a career


  • Always think for long term

  • Take your own decisions

  • Always look for a career that you can serve others resulting in high satisfaction

  • Always look for a career that gives you genuine income

  • Always look for a career that is interesting and challenging.


  • Never think for short term

  • Don’t blindly pick what others do

  • Don’t look for the career that gives you only earning and nothing else

  • Don’t look for a career where you shamelessly earn by bribes and corruption.

  • Don’t look for a career where you have hardly anything to do.

Some Features of a Good Career

  • You have a work-life balance- A good career helps you in maintaining the balance between your work as well as your personal life.

  • Earn enough for you- Always choose a career based on your financial consideration so that in the future you are able to repay the loans and at the same time you can earn enough for yourself.

  • Interesting & challenging- A career must be challenging so that you can learn something interesting which will directly take you to your goal.

  • Your value grows with experience- It's because when you work you come across many challenging situations and you will either pass it or lose it, but whatever the outcome might be you are going to learn from both the experiences.

  • Not boring repetitive work- It is quite common that you’ll get bored if you perform the same work again & again. A good career helps you in reaching your life goal with new ways of performing a similar job.

Whatever career path you choose, you have to work hard on it. There are many needs around us waiting to be met. Identifying and meeting them may turn out to be a career for you and then only you will be successful. Always remember that the final selection is yours. You can take the help of others in the process and evaluation, but the final call is yours. You need to validate all external information in your own way. 

Though you can always get success when you do something you are passionate about, it is also important to know the truth of the field before you enter.

The final word…

There is no perfect career, just you need to pick the best possible one. Carefully and honestly determine your intellectual strengths and weaknesses. Find out what you are good at so you can discover your innate abilities i.e. your talents. If you make a wrong choice, be brave enough to change it in a controlled manner rather than suffering for the rest of your life.

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