How To Get A Perfect Score On The SAT Essay

If you are taking the SAT and aiming on achieving a perfect score on the SAT essay, then this article is for you. In this article, we share the nuances and tricks that would help in getting you the perfect score. Read on..

TCM Staff

16th April 2020

Before we help you get a perfect score on the SAT essay it would be prudent to address the change in the SAT essay protocol. This change includes the fact that the SAT essay is now optional. But at the same time, most colleges still demand a score on your essay in order to determine the candidate they might grant admission to.  This is not the only change that has affected the SAT essay protocol, in fact, the structure and prose are very different from the previous structure. The previous SAT structure essay consisted of one single topic that you were required to debate on and provide a thesis about. On the other hand, the improved and updated structure consists of three comprehensive responses to a passage and a particular prompt. In brief, a student is required to analyze, comprehend and propose three coherent arguments within a span of 50 minutes. This structure exists to test candidates’ comprehension and writing abilities. This can prove to be quite difficult but with this article, you should be one step closer to achieving a perfect score on your SAT essay. 

Before we reveal the tips for getting a perfect score on your SAT essays we have to cover the marking schemes and the way your essays are getting graded. The grading process is rather simple. All completed essays are sent to a center where your essay is graded by two college board employees who rate your essay on a scale of 1 to 4. After which your essay is cumulatively considered wherein it will be rated on a scale of 8. If you received an 8 it means you got a perfect score. The three main categories that we were able to highlight are as follows:

  • Reading: your essay must have plenty of textual evidence and sufficient quotations from your assigned text. This would prove to the corrector that you have achieved a comprehensive understanding of the material. This would give you additional points. Your essay should also be able to clearly highlight the plot and how it is related to the prompt and combine both aspects seamlessly.

  • Analysis: as a diligent student you should not only be able to comprehend your material but also make educated deductions and claims with sufficient proof in order to verify your earlier claim. An extensive analysis of your material should be evident in your essay as it shows your unique and individual view.

  • Writing: your essay should compulsorily follow a cemented structure. This structure would entail a thesis, introduction, and conclusion. Your essay should be grammatically correct and lexically evolved. This would prove your mastery over the language. 

How to form a structure that would guarantee a perfect score?

In order to receive a perfect score on your SAT essay, it would be extremely beneficial if you followed a structure. This structure should include components that are easily understandable but at the same time are able to convey the message and answer the prompt. This structure would be:

  • Introduction

  • Thesis Statement

  • Supporting paragraph 1

  • Supporting paragraph 2

  • Supporting paragraph 3 (if time)

  • Conclusion

  • Introduction: your introduction should be rather strong, in the sense that it should catch your reader’s attention but at the same time not many points are awarded to this particular component of the structure. 

  • Thesis statement: This is arguably the most important part of your essay because the arguments you make here are going to be revisited multiple times throughout your essay. This is why this part should be clear and comprehensive in order to really make your point known.

  • Supporting paragraphs: these paragraphs would provide a number of points and reasons as to why your argument is viable and should be accepted. These parts are highly important as well as they provide some much-needed evidence and proof to really sell your argument.

  • Conclusion: your concluding points should ideally summarize all your most significant points in order to emphasize them to your reader. 

In conclusion, your essay is dependent on how well the prompt or the topic resonates with you. The quality of your article is also dependent on how well you allocate your time as it would not be helpful if you spent 20 of your given 50 minutes on writing the introduction.  Although the best way to get high scores on your SAT essay is to really relate to the prompt and comprehend it.

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