How To Make Friends In College

Are you worrying being alone and want to know how to make friends in college. If you're wondering how to make friends in college, you're definitely not alone. Learn best ways to make friends in college

Updated by Niharika Padiga on 17th February 2020

Friends are the companions who can understand us closely and can share everything without hesitation. The secrets which we cannot share with our family members can also be shared with your friends.

The first thing to keep in mind that we like people who like us. We look for similar interests and also the connection among them. When we start our career at the college, we feel a little bit nervous at the same time excitement, but at the end of the day, the best way to meet people is being open to it. You simply need to search them out which can be overpowering.

Best Places to Make Friends in College

You look for people around you who like the same things which you have. 

The Dorms

Make sure you talk to everyone in your dorm, as it is the best way to make friends. Do remember, there might be people who are in the same situation as you and will welcome you in a friendly manner.

When you meet new people, firstly introduce yourself with a good smile to make the first move. Keep your room clean and door open, so that people will think that you are open to new members and want to meet new friends.

Join the Clubs

Clubs are places where you can interact with people with similar interests in the same things as you. Ask these persons out to supper before club gatherings or just to hang out during the day.

Making a network of persons to spend time with you at various times, regardless of whether it isn't one companion gathering can make for a truly interesting gathering of companions.

Get Out of Your Room

If you feel alone and think you don’t have any friends, make sure not to sit idle in the room. Sitting alone and not interacting with anyone is the worst situation and is not possible to make new friends.

Get out of the room and challenge to make new friends. Start doing the work in the library or the campus coffee shop and hang out in the college areas where there are many students. Ask a few students in your classes if they make a study group together which will help to gain more new friends.

Talk to strangers

I know this goes against the grain of anything you’ve ever been instructed from elementary school on up. But, if you see someone who is friendly, don’t be afraid to greet them.

Everybody in college is similar and is willing to meet and talk to new people as you do. And it's no wrong to start the conversation by yourself.