Internship for High School Students

Internships is when you can build your necessary skills such as the technical skills, communication & public speaking skills.But where can you find such internships in the first place. Learn more about internships for high school students.

TCM Staff

10th February 2020

We all have this one question on our mind which we keeps looping in ourselves, especially high school students.

What am I going to do?

Some of us might have answered this, while there are still a few people who have no answer to this question. Don't worry, that's totally fine to say I don't know for some time till you figure it out. But it's not fine to keep saying 'I don't know'.

Internships are one of the best ways for high school students to gain work experience in different verticals and build networks in both career and academic fields.

In this article, we will see what an internship is, how it works, and a list of internships available for high school students.

What is an Internship?

An Internship is basically a work experience offered to the students or graduates by an employer for a specific duration of time to give them a sense of how the office functions and how actually a working environment looks like.

Internships can be as short as a few weeks or may also be as long as a year (12months). These internships can be a paid internship or a voluntary one, it depends on the job and company.

After all, when you aim to get into a big firm, you’ll need at least 6 months of the internship experience. These internship experiences are required by the company, but the more important thing is what you learn during the internship period.

List of Internships for High School Students

If you don’t have any idea where to look for internships, below is the list of internships for high school students that you can apply for right now.

The United States Secret Service

This internship with the US Secret Service is a wonderful opportunity for you to contribute to one of the most elite law enforcement organizations in the world.

Microsoft High School Internship

This Microsoft High School internship program lets the student learn about computer science and programming in this technology world.

This internship is built alongside the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

New-York Historical Society’s Student Historian Program

This internship is more related to students who want to continue their careers in the archeology, library and historical study-related fields. Basically this internship allows the interns to perform research based on New-York's Historical resources. This also helps the interns to improve their leadership and management skills

Student Research Internship Program at the Scripps Translational Science Institute

This opportunity is offered by the STSI (Scripps Translational Science Institute) for highly motivated high school students. This enables a student to work and improve your skills in scientific research from the multidisciplinary team of scientists.

Naturalist/Field Research Intern

As the name suggests, this is conducted by YETI (Young Ecologist’s Training Institute) to enable candidates to perform field-based scientific research on EOA (Edge of Appalachia Preserve System).

Production Assistant Intern

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about cultural education and its benefits which include study abroad, travel education, video research, production of videos & photos on social media, and many more.

Plant Genome Research REU

This is offered at BTI (Boyce Thompson Institute), Cornell University. They provide an opportunity to experience a scientific career for students in plant science research as the name suggests.

GeoSciences Bridge Program

This is a paid internship funded and administered by the National Science Foundation for a duration of 6 weeks. This involves fields like marine geology, physical oceanography, atmospheric science, marine biology, marine chemistry, biochemistry and many more.

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

This internship is for high school juniors and seniors who want to pursue their career in the science disciplines tied with environmental management.


This is funded and administered by the Zukerman Institute’s Brain Research Apprenticeships. This helps you to get in touch with the scientist for summer lab internships as well as provides hands-on experience in the science research.

Air Force Research Library Scholar Program

This internship is offered by the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) scholars program. It is a paid internship along with those perks, the interns are provided with hands-on experiences with AFRL scientists and engineers on advanced research and technology.

The Expanding Horizons Internship

This Expanding Horizons Internship is offered by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. It helps the interns improve their skills for career-related with the law firm, corporate government agency, or non-profit organization.

Smithsonian Internship

The Smithsonian internship offers opportunities that are available with the Smithsonian’s various units such as museums, research centers and many more. The interns are trained with the skills and knowledge in the field of art history and business management and administration of those units.

The Library of Congress Internship

The Library of Congress offers many opportunities for high school as well as for graduates and undergraduates such as 

  • American Folklife Center Volunteer Internship Program.

  • Archaeological Research Interns in the kislak Collection

  • Conservation Program Internship

  • Elizabeth Brown Pryor Internship, and more.

Where to look for Internships?

Opportunities are widespread everywhere, we can find dozens of job vacancies by just taking a glance at a newspaper. But the thing is, we are talking about an internship. Where do I find internship opportunities?

Well, let’s try to find the answer to this question.

Below are some of the best possible sources where you can find an information about the internships.

Family members

It's a very good idea to start searching for your internships through your family members as there are high chances of you not getting into something that adds no value to your resume.

Family Friends

This another way of finding internship opportunities. Yea, many would have their own businesses or reference that you can use of to get into any internship.

High School Teachers

Some high school teachers may be friendly, and some may not be. But remember all the teachers would be more than happy to help students in their education and career aspect of life. So don’t bother asking your school’s teacher’s

Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors don’t just provide guidance to the students in the college, but also it is their duty to help students in the betterment of their personal, professional lives. So you can ask them for information about internships available which you could apply for.

Local Universities

In case if you think you don’t want to ask for help from anyone instead you want to search for yourself then try to have a visit to the local universities. There are many internships offered to students you may be best suitable for any of it or maybe all of it.

Local Business

You can also try to have a visit to local businesses which are near you. Depending on your interest and field of study. You could even reach out to them and ask if they provide any internships for high school students or not.

You may never know where you can get such an internship, and you may also not know the value of the internship until you get it and work on it.

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