Is it possible to get a doctorate degree online?

A doctorate degree is the highest level of academic degree in most fields. The answer to your question is- YES, many universities have made it possible to earn doctorate degree online. Continue to read this article to know more about online PhD. degree.

TCM Staff

30th April 2020

Well, anything is possible, but just because something is possible doesn't mean you should do it.

There is a conception that a Master's Degree is like a Bachelor's Degree only. A Doctorate Degree is therefore probably like a Master's Degree. But a Ph.D. is really nothing like a Master's degree. The closest thing you could use to describe it is like an apprenticeship in learning how to do research. You need to show your professors that you have the stuff that they are looking for, and when that happens they welcome you into the fold and start treating you like a peer.

Online Ph.D.

An online Ph.D. is surely more feasible for professionals to pursue their degree without disturbing their job routine. A Ph.D. can improve your earning potential and opens the doors to a wide range of career opportunities. However, if you are thinking of doing your Ph.D. studies all online, you must be absolutely sure, you are mature and independent enough to use this mode. As the online mode may not suit everybody. To succeed, you must know your chosen topic fairly well and are confident in researching on the topic if you want to succeed. 

Many institutions have started to offer Ph.D. programs online to enhance the quality of education.

While every program is different, the process generally follows a similar structure. Here is what you can expect if you choose to get a doctorate online.

  • Choose a program: Select the program which is right for your career goals and objectives and work with your academic advisor.

  • Determine your bandwidth: You can prioritize your time to identify how much time you will need to complete your program. 

  • Select a path: You will have to identify how many credit hours you will take each semester based on your availability and pace.

  • Enroll in your courses: You will have to join the online classes each semester so that it will keep you on pace to earn your degree.

  • Get notified about current lectures and assignments: Get notifications via mail when a new lecture is available.

And when you are assured that the school is accredited then you can further research the college based on student reviews.

Full-time Program Versus Online Program

This is true that the full-time programs typically get the best students, it’s because they have the reputation, the advisors, and the existing community and it is not going to change for the coming future.

Ph.D. programs are primarily about training you to be a research scholar and this is done with the close mentorship & current scholar. 

A Ph.D. is truly not about satisfying course requirements and writing a few hundred pages. It’s all about getting up to the state of the art and advancing it. You can not do that via emails.

People who tend to talk less or who don’t talk and share ideas generally do not produce much compared to people who do talk. You can excel in the field of Ph.D. by studying under someone already advancing the state of the art and discussing ideas and concepts with professors and fellow students.

There is no doubt that research is all about communications and collaboration, which in turn is about interaction.

An online Ph.D., even if it were from a top program with a top advisor, would be hampered by the fact that someone isn’t spending all their waking hours talking to the local community and passing ideas around. Everything else being equal, online will lose to onsite.


It depends on the degree. If it's a hard science Ph.D. then there is no chance. However, if it is a non-research degree it may be possible. It is, however, possible to get an online doctorate in education in one year. You must have a mature attitude towards work, and of course, you can work independently, with some advice and help from your supervisor or advisor now and then.

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