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Looking for shared accommodation with like-minded people? A Living Learning Community is your perfect habitat. Dive in to learn about LLCs

TCM Staff

21st October 2020

It has been rightly said, “life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing".

A Living Learning Community is a community that assembles a group of learners with the same amount of interest in a field of academics or extracurricular or any other study under the same ceiling. It provides both internal and external classroom knowledge. A Living Learning Community is highly beneficial for students who want to share and experience college with others. In the United States, there are more than 600 Living Learning Community programs. In the Living Learning Community, the role of non-classroom is huge, because in LLC everything is made virtual, it is more like a friend to friend conversation rather than the teacher to student lecture.

Living Learning Community - A Bird’s Eye View

Benjamin Franklin once said, "tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." The concept of a Living Learning Community is to involve students/ learners with the elements around them, both in academic and co-curricular activities. This is achieved by grouping students who share a common interest and providing them accommodation under the same roof. 

The Living Learning Communities differ from institution to institution. Some house the class toppers, while others provide refuge to students from all academic, and socio-economic backgrounds. There is active participation from both the teachers and the students. 

LLCs are not under the control of any leadership or supervision like other residences. They are free to share their own ideologies and discover and interact with new beliefs and cultures. LLCs allow easy participation in different events, and students benefit from myriad experiences through virtual learning.

Living Learning Communities can be categorized as, academic residential experience district, academic LLC, enhanced LLC, themed, and interest group housing. The US government is planning to implement the concept of ‘Gender and Intersectional identities’ in the Living-Learning Communities.

How To Choose An LLC?

There are several LLCs functioning in the schools of the United States. The LLCs vary depending on the university or college you choose. The choice of LLC may also depend on the course you choose to enroll in. It is always recommended to select a comfortable LLC because it is going to be your second home, as you would not only stay but live there as well. You should review all the available LLCs to make sure you have a comfortable living. There are LLCs for students of color like the University of Connecticut (for African-American male students), University of New Mexico, University of Iowa, and a few more.

The LLC must also suffice to all your needs, offer amicable communication between peer groups and faculties, and aid in the overall development of the student. The following are a few of the famous college LLCs -

  • University of Pittsburgh Living Learning Community

  • Emory University Living Learning Communities

  • Berkeley University of California 

  • Dartmouth Living Learning Communities

  • Georgetown Living Learning Communities

  • Living Learning Communities Virginia tech

  • Living Learning Communities UIUC

  • Living Learning Communities UF

  • Purdue Living Learning Communities

  • SDSU Living Learning Communities

  • Saint Thomas Living Learning Communities

  • Sophomore Living Learning  Communities

  • The University of Maryland Living Learning Community

  • UC Davis Living Learning Community

  • UCLA Living Learning Community

  • UCF Living Learning Communities

  • UW Living Learning Communities

  • UCSD Living Learning Communities

  • VCU Living Learning Communities


Living Learning Community - Advantages

There are both pros and cons to joining a Living Learning Community. However, learning from shared experiences can be quite beneficial as The name "Living Learning Community" itself tells you that, learn by living with the community. There are a lot of things in the world for us to learn, but how to do that? It would be easier to learn from others who already knew different things rather than traveling all around the world. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Here in LLC, aspirants are put together to only focus on academics, but also engage in their personal development too. Here are the top benefits of Living Learning Communities - 

  • Everything in LLC is made virtual

  • Teachers not only train on academics, but they also train the student’s mind to introspect, and retrospect 

  • Teachers in LLC share a close bond with students 

  • Students may reach out to the faculty and comfortably clear all their doubts 

  • Since all the students with the same interests stay together, they can easily make friends and share things. This is instrumental for a student to be a better human being through imparting and gaining enlightenment

  • Another perk of LLCs is time management. Students do not need to travel to and fro to attend school

  • Since you are surrounded and occupied with people you prefer, you are more likely to get good grades and mental peace.

  • LLCs, help you to be more joyful, cheerful, and lively

  • In LLCs, they conduct social events and service projects which help you meet new communities and get to know more things

Steps To Join An Living Learning Community

Students who choose to live in residence halls with others can select a Living Learning Community. You can choose to select a Living Learning Community during the housing application. But before doing that, the applicant needs to get permission from the department, if he/she wishes to stay in the Living Learning Community. There are only a few selected subjects for students (who stay in LLC)  such as, arts, business, honors, engineering; and the subjects vary from one LLC to another. LLCs are allowed to accommodate only a limited number of participants, so make sure you do your application process as soon as possible; and recheck the application form before you apply.

  • To get enrolled in an LLC, the initial step is to select a course in which you are interested

  • It is advised to check on all the campuses which provide LLC

  • Review the residential division

  • In a few colleges, you will be asked to accommodate freshmen regardless of their scores

  • During the application process, you have to provide personal details and may have to answer questions regarding your potential contributions towards the LLC, reasons for joining the particular LLC, and more

  • The last thing you need to do is to check the terms and conditions of the college 


LLCs help in sharing knowledge, building strong relationships by offering a holistic environment.  The students live with people holding similar interests and life goals. So, decide wisely as you are one decision away from enjoying a different life. 

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