Lucrative Careers You Can Get With An Online Certificate

Let us discuss the top 10 lucrative career options that are available through online certifications in this article.

TCM Staff

8th May 2020

Well, a good first impression is key during your career search and without a doubt, it begins with a solid, polished resume that showcases plenty of relevant skills, talents, achievements, and credentials. Showing potential employers that you are actively improving yourself by highlighting certifications on your resume will make you a more appealing candidate.

However, if you can’t afford to attend traditional classroom-based certification courses, you can always opt for an online certification course. Certifications will get you noticed if they are the right certifications. It is important to note that certifications should be accredited by a recognized institution.

10 lucrative careers which you can get with an online certificate

Let us discuss the top 10 lucrative career options that are available through online certifications:


Hospitality Management


Within the field of hospitality and culinary, there are a lot of options. You can choose the course according to where your interests lie. 

There are a number of online courses for hospitality management. Some of these include baking and pastry, culinary arts, travel and tourism, and event planning, and so on. Out of these, depending on where your interests lie you can research programs to find the best fit for you.

 The average salary ranges between $35,000 to $125,000.




The process to become a radiologist is long and difficult but the pay off is wonderful because radiology is a very exciting field. 

Along with various other fields in medicine, it is one of the fastest moving fields. So if you love technology, computers, and figuring puzzles out, it’s an amazing career. You can get certificates in one to four years. 

The average salary is between $54,000 to $ 96,000.




Selecting a career in the lucrative domain of Finance & Accounting has so much to offer to ambitious professionals. But one needs to be equipped with the requisite skills to succeed in such a competitive and demanding field. 

There are a number of online courses available in this field. These online certificates will help you in leveling up your abilities in work and add specialist finance skills to your professional repertoire. 

The average salary is $60,000.


Language Translator


Choosing a career as a translator gives you more recognition and you can explore a new side of the career. It will provide you more recognition and you can take a new ride in a different career. 

Gone are the days of age-old career options. As a translator, you can apply for a job in the embassy, High Commission, beauty pageant organization, corporate sector or simply become a teacher. All the jobs are highly paid and fulfill your dream to earn well and travel to many countries occasionally. 

The average salary for this career is between $45,000 to $55,000.


Medical Transcriptionist 


You can avail of the online medical transcription services. It is very easy to obtain online. The experts will guide you on how to work to provide medical transcription services to the public. 

There are lots of websites that offer you the training. You just have it clear in your mind what you want to learn. 

Skills required in Medical transcription range from system upkeep, network info, internet knowledge, and the main job are typing so typing skills should be good, you must have medical knowledge, and also listening skills & common sense is a must. 

The average salary for this job is between $25,000 to $50,000.




There are many online programs available for embalming but you need to have some practical knowledge also. It is also important that you must serve a one-year apprenticeship at a funeral home prior to or after graduating from an accredited funeral service college and passing a state exam to be licensed. Your willingness to apply yourself to many subjects is a must. 

The average pay is $40,000.


Court Reporter 


A court reporter or stenographer is a transcription specialist that produces a written record of judicial proceedings, and meetings held between lawyers and clients. 

As a court reporter, you must ensure a complete and accurate record of conversations, meetings, speeches, and other events since these records are considered legal evidence. 

There are various online schools, and people have had success with them. 

The average salary is around $40,000 in a year.




You will get a lot of information if you check the Internet for Online Nursing Programmes. 

There are a host of courses available that will prepare you for a very lucrative career ahead.

These range from basic RN to diplomas, degrees, and even Ph.D. courses. 

The average pay for nursing is $40,000.


Fitness Trainer


There are multiple courses in fitness you can choose from. You can do some of these courses online as well as from the institution. While selecting an institution, keep in mind that most employers hire personal trainers or fitness trainers only if they have a certificate in fitness courses from a well-reputed institution. 

Do remember that a good certification will give you a foundation to start getting in the trenches and really learning by first-hand experience and continuing education on how to be a truly excellent trainer. 

The average pay is between $30 to $300 per hour.


Massage Therapist 


Different countries have different certification qualifications and procedures and have their regional certification bodies. In the United States, this is done at the state level.

For the USA a prospective massage therapist should complete a certificate or diploma degree program from an accredited school approved by the state. It requires you to appear in an exam to get a license after completing the massage therapy education program. (You need to complete a 500-hour course that included an internship, and had to pass a state exam to obtain a license). 

The average pay is $38,000.

Final words…

Online courses are sometimes better than the traditional course and even better when both of them work parallel. This can help in saving time and help build a great future for career pursuits.

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