Marketing vs Finance

Marketing or Finance? Choose the right degree for you. In this article, we'll help you find the difference between Marketing and Finance degree.

TCM Staff

30th March 2020

Most of the students can’t decide the right career path and end up making the wrong decision and regret it later. 

There are several options to consider but the most confusion among the majority of students is between marketing and finance. Understand which degree is best for you, what you would want to be in the future, and what's your passion.

Marketing vs Finance

Both marketing and finance include core business subjects. There are many options to consider before choosing the right fit. So first you need to understand the basic function of a marketing career and finance career.


It's all about the marketing and sales of the product and service that companies offer in which professionals make strategies for promoting the company’s product and service.

Marketing involves decision-making in public relations, advertising, and communication through various online and offline channels.

Skills you need to be an Exceptional Marketer

Following are the list of skills that a marketing degree holder must have:

  • Communication skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Creative and imagination

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Confident public speaking 

  • Research skills

  • Team works

What Do I Get?

Marketing degree prepares you to enter the fast-paced business of promoting, developing, and selling product or service to unique costumers’ market 

Types of Marketing Degree

There are 3 levels of degree

Associate Degree

Associate degree in marketing are available in which you can get entry-level jobs like assistant marketer etc 

Duration: 2 year

Bachelor in Marketing

In which you can understand more about the relationship between agency and customers as well as the trend within the field its self

Duration: 4 years

MA or MBA in Marketing 

Will prepare you in marketing leaders’ position across any number of business industries 

Duration:1 or 2 year

Marketing Jobs

You can get into different fields with a marketing degree. The following are the list of few jobs with very good pay.

Admission Representation 

Common Duties

  • Hiring

  • Admitting Students/patients/employees into an institution

  • Explaining the institution’s Policies

  • Preparation of strategies in the education field to help the admission office promote their institution, and many more.

Average salary: $55 k per annum

Brand/Product Manager

Common Duties

  • Brand strategy

  • Planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels

  • Pricing and new product launches

  • Oversee all aspects of marketing a product and service

Average salary: $94k per annum

Market Research Analyst

Common Duties

  • Monitor and forecast marketing trends

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies

  • Evaluate methods for collecting data

  • Analyze data using statistical software

  • Deciding and carry out assessment consumers rection of new product

Average salary: $55 k per annum

Sale Representative 

  • Generating leads.

  • Meeting sales goals.

  • Negotiating all contracts.

  • Determining pricing schedules.

  • Preparing weekly and monthly reports. 

Average salary: $57 k per annum

Public Relation Representative

Common duties

  • Responding to requests for information release or press conference.

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with the consumer/community.

  • Writing press releases and other media communications.

  • Planning or directing the development of programs to maintain favorable public views

  • Coaching client representatives in effective communication with the public and employees.

  • Analysis of the audience and identify the type of communication which can influence that demographic 

Average salary: $59 k per annum


Finance is all about managing funds asset and debts which involve in deciding on how to obtain, manage, and direct funds for various projects 

Researching and analysis of investment options and auditing finance.

Skills you need

  • Handling money 

  • Mathematical Expert

  • Negotiation skills 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Analysis

  • Data entry

  • Knowledge of statistics

What Do I Get?

A finance degree will prepare you for working in this high-power field of tax preparation, accountants and banking  

Their 2 levels of degree

Bachelors in Finance

This is where you understand stuff about commercial banking, financial program, investment banking money managing and real estate

Duration: 4 years

MA or MBA in Finance 

This will train you in the management and administration role in the finance division. 

Duration: 1 or 2 year

Finance Jobs

we have rounded up some job title with their common duties and average salaries

Financial Manager

Common Duties

  • Overseeing the flow of cash and financial instruments into business

  • Planning the activities of workers in various departments

  • Preparing reports as required by law

  • Manage and strategize the employ Cash and direct company investment to reach the organization’s economic goal.             

Average salary: $75 k

Financial Risk Manager

Common Duties:

  • Market risk analysis

  • Operational risk analysis

  • Regulatory risk analysis and

  • Credit risk analysis.

  • The job is to find and avoid fiscal pitfall and derail profit and grow.

Average Salary: $80k

Personal Financial Advisor

Common Duties:

  • Meet clients in person to discuss their financial goals

  • Explain the types of financial services to clients

  • Educate clients and answer questions about investment

  • They help people to reduce anxiety by offering investment advisors who are starting their career or planning to retire

Average Salary:90 k

Financial Analyst         

Common Duties:

  • Determines cost of operations by establishing standard costs.

  • Identifies financial status by comparing.

  • Guides the cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures.

  • Improves financial status

Average Salary: $81k.

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