5 Most Popular Master’s Degrees for Teachers

There are a lot of opportunities for teachers to enhance their career and take it to a new height. Read this article to know the 5 most popular master's degree for teachers.

Updated by TCM Staff on 5th September 2020

All over the world teaching is considered to be a noble profession. If you are in the teaching profession or want to become a teacher won’t you like to climb higher in the hierarchy and move to a more demanding position? Well, yes you can do that. A master's degree can help you achieve your dream. 

Let's talk about a few master's programs that will help you in boosting your teaching career. 

What are the 5 Most Popular Master’s Degrees for Teachers

If you are thinking of earning a master's degree then in this article we have mentioned the five most popular Master's Degree which can be own by a teacher. So here is the list of Master's degree that you can pursue:

1. Early Childhood Education

Are you someone who loves to be with kids? You wish to teach them and mold their thought process so that they can become great humans and great citizens of the nation.  

Early Childhood Education allows you to influence the lives of young minds. A master's degree in education with a specialization in early childhood will fulfill your dream. 

The topics that you will be dealing with can be childhood learning environments, classroom management, and child psychology. 

Once you complete the course you can often be hired by institutes to give special training to children. You can also design new and innovative course curriculums for children. 

2. Curriculum and Instruction

A master's in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction gives you a clear understanding of how to design a course curriculum or syllabus for school children. It will take your career to new heights may be from simply being an ordinary school teacher to an Educator in Curriculum designing and Instruction.

You will be taught subjects like learning theories, instructional theories, curriculum design and evaluation, and educational psychology. Upon completing the program, you will know how to perform and use educational research to develop, implement, and evaluate learning, teaching, and performance pursuits in educational settings.

This course will prepare you for a number of leadership roles and administrative roles. You can also become Instructional Coordinators. People with a designation in this profession usually earn $64,000. 

This career gives you a lot of flexibility as teachers don't get the chance to decide what they are going to teach their students. They always teach whatever is prescribed in the book and the syllabus. 

But being a Curriculum development experts you get the chance to put together the resources teachers use and the subjects they must teach during the school year. With a degree like this,  you can work for a private school or district school or maybe for the Board of Education in your state.

3. Higher Education

If you have always wished of becoming an administrative officer in a school then this program will be the right fit for you.

A master's degree in Education with Higher Education as your specialization will help in choosing leadership roles in the future. In this course, you will learn to enhance your leadership skills and will also learn about administrative and management topics like budget management and funding. 

In general, the salary of a higher education administrator is around $86,000 per annum. Not only this but through different seminars, discussions, and exhibitions you will be exposed to a lot of administrative theories and leadership roles.

So, yes a master's in higher education is always a good bet.

4. Adult Education

If you wish to work as a human resource manager or wish to work in remedial education or maybe community college then A Master Degree in Education with Adult Education as your specialization should be your choice. Learn how to become a human resource manager

Often in organizations and incorporates human resource managers are asked to have a master's degree in Education with a concentration in Higher Education. There is a great variation in salary among professionals in different fields with the same degree.

For example, a Professor in a community college earns around $65,000 whereas adult education teachers earn around $53,000 and human resource managers grab the highest salary.i.e $114,000. So, you can even think of making a change in career as you gain experience in a certain field and definitely you will be better placed with this degree. 

Only a small number of colleges in the United States offer Master's Degree programs in higher education. The general perception in public is Teachers are those who teach and educate kids in elementary, middle schools, and high schools. But the fact is teachers can also work with adults. These teachers either work in community colleges or in vocational schools where they give training and literacy programs to adults.

In this course, you will learn how to train people who are struggling with personal and professional lives. You also learn to teach students with poor English. 

5. Special Education

A master in Education with Special Education as your specialization you will learn to train and educate those special kids who can't learn through traditional school programs. 

This course will teach you how to deal with those kids who are special or slightly different from others. Kids who are diagnosed with ADHD  or physically challenged are treated as special kids. Though to teach special kids it's not mandatory to have a master's in special education but most schools will require you to have a master's degree. 


So, yes there are a lot of options and opportunities for teachers to enhance their career and take it to a new height. The above-mentioned programs are the programs that carry a lot of importance in the teaching profession. Hope this article helps. 

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