How to a Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter (with Samples)

Wondering how to write a scholarship thank you letter? Here is how you can write well by using sample thank you letters for scholarships.

TCM Staff

7th October 2020

It would be a generosity of the person who can present a scholarship in support of your educational career. Writing a Thank You letter has never been a compulsory action. It can make the donor of scholarship feel special and worth the decision. Enhance your chances of getting a scholarship. Your action to send a Thank You letter to the donor can give a great appreciation for their decision.

Here you will find the most used format for Thank You Letter for College Scholarships.

Tips to write a good Scholarship Thank You Letter

  1. Check for punctuation, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. Correct them.

  2. Keep your letter kind and warmly courteous.

  3. Don’t show overconfidence in receiving the Scholarship.

  4. Show them the enthusiasm of receiving the Scholarship.

  5. Try to use quality paper.

  6. Never write extra. Keep your text under the fixed domain.

  7. Mention about your plans, career plans.

  8. Never forget to write the purpose of the letter.

Remember that you received the scholarship because of the qualities you presented over the other applicants. A typed thank you letter will essentially ensure the importance of scholarship for you so spend enough time and carry it out in a professional way. 

Is it necessary to write a Thank You Letter for Scholarships?

The quick answer is YES, to show gratitude. Scholarships let many of you seek higher education, earn your degrees, attain your educational goals, and follow your dreams. Here are a few points to let you know why it is important to write a thank you letter. 

  • If you are one among them who have benefitted from a grant or scholarship, you should write a thank you letter to the donors. It is not only to convey your gratitude but it will make the donors be able to see how their donation has been used to produce something good. 

  • Each thanks note they receive helps them see the value in what they are doing and the impact it has on the lives of young talents of tomorrow.

  • This act of donors will inspire the students who received a scholarship to donate something of their capacity in the future.

College Scholarship Thank You Letters Example 

Here is a few sample scholarship thank you letters you can consider.

Sample Letter 1



Student ID Number

XYZ High School


Donor Name or Organization Name 



Dear Scholarship Donor,

I am Millind writing this letter to thank you for the scholarship the prestigious organization of yours has provided me. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for providing me with this scholarship. It has given me a chance to be in a better position and also earn a degree.

Presently, I am a senior majoring in biotech engineering preparing for my graduation. After completing my studies, I aim to become a biotech engineer for a well-known company. I have worked 20 hours a week to support my studies. This scholarship will allow me to dedicate more time to my studies, and get my degree as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your contribution and for seeing the potential in students like me. I hope that I will be able to follow in your footsteps and give back to others in all the ways possible.



[Your signature]


XYZ University

Sample Letter 2 



Student ID Number

University Name


Scholarship Name


City, State, Zip


Dear Scholarship Donor,

I am  (Name), would like to sincerely thank you for selecting me for the (name of scholarship) scholarship for the academic year at (University Name). I am thankful for your financial assistance and commitment to International students’ educational advancement.

One of my greatest dreams has been earning a doctorate and this would never have been possible by now without donors like you who are awarding scholarship which helps to cover my tuition fees in full.

I can not thank you enough for giving me the financial aid that will enable me to keep continuing my academic career. I only hope that one day I can make significant contributions to the educational pursuits of junior students.




(Contact Details)

Sample Letter 3

Your Name



Donor Name



Dear Scholarship Donor,

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the (Name of the scholarship)  Scholarship. Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges but has also helped me realize the value of a college education.

I have just begun my undergraduate career as a freshman at (Name of the University) and can assure that my academics are off to a good start. I plan to complete a major in Economic Science. (Name of the University) offers one of the best programs and I consider myself lucky to be able to attend.

My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from scholarship sponsors like your organization. Thank you once again for enabling this opportunity.



Your Name

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