Tips for Incoming High School Freshmen

You’re in high school now! And if you have back to school butterflies and need a few tips to overcome them, look no further. In this article, we shall discuss a variety of tips to manage both your academic and social life.

TCM Staff

8th April 2020

Welcome to high school! where the hours are long, the people are annoying at best and cumbersome at worst. High school is the gateway into the real world as it allows you to glimpse into what the real world really looks like. If you have visited this website for tips to alleviate or even eliminate your back to school nervousness look no further. Entering high school can usually be quite intimidating yet at the same time can hold a world of opportunities. This is the place you would potentially meet your future friends and even significant others. Given below are a number of tips that you could consider for making your freshman year infinitely better and more productive. Both in terms of your social and academic life.

Know Your Friends

The first thing you should try to accomplish when you enroll in high school is to find a solid group of friends. Your friends quite literally dictate your future. As my mother loves saying, “ show me your friends and I will show you your future” the reason behind why being picky whilst choosing your friends, is because your friends have different priorities and as result so will you. For example, if you begin to associate with people who seem to only focus on parties and clubs it would be counterproductive to your academic goals.

Set Achievable Goals 

The second thing you should try to do is to set achievable goals in terms of your education and academics. This could be in terms of a check-list or even a to-do list. B  y making your goals viewable it would be easier to see yourself attaining it. For example, by setting daily goals to finish assignments or even homework might prove helpful in the long run.


This is one point that you don’t hear often. A high school is a place where you should relax and take advantage of your situation. Of course, you should be invested in your grades and academics but at the same time, there is absolutely no harm in going out with your friends once in a while. A high school is a place where you form a variety of memories that aren’t exclusively study-related. 

Do It Now

Procrastination is the death of success, this thought could be applied to anything whether it's the assignment you’re putting off till tomorrow or the dinner that you were supposed to go to with your parents. As a high school kid, you are automatically looked up to and are given more responsibilities and are expected to be more proactive. The best way to tackle these responsibilities is to finish them as soon as you get them so as to avoid getting overwhelmed. 


Another key point to remember when you join high school as a freshman. Participation is key, it doesn’t matter whether you win or not. Participation in a variety of activities would lead to a better-looking portfolio for college admissions. Your continued participation in sports and various types of academics would indicate on your portfolio that you are a well rounded, colorful individual. This would increase the chances of your selection in the college of your choosing. 


The best way to build a good relationship with your teachers would be to regularly attend class and make sure you give your 100% attention to the teacher. This would not only allow you to build a good rapport with your teacher but also help you learn and understand your curriculum better. 

Online Presence

You should always be vigilant about what you post online. This could include things that your high school might not allow. Your online profile would be an extension of yourself. So it should be carefully maintained. You should always keep your personal information private and be safe always.

Stress management

The one thing to remember in high school is that it is perfectly normal to feel stress and be overwhelmed. The best way to combat stress is to find a good stress-buster, whether it is a form of exercise or just talking to your friend or mother. 


Yet another frequently reported problem from high school freshmen is the problem of bullies. Bullies are universally existent and there is, unfortunately, no fixed solution to this ever-present problem. The best way to overcome bullying is to ignore it until it goes away but if ignoring no longer works I would suggest confronting your bully. But always remember that violence is never ever the answer.

In conclusion, high school is a rather daunting experience but with the above tips, it could probably prove helpful to you. High school although slightly stressful, is supremely fun and is the place where we make the most fun memories that we later revisit. The above tips help you manage both your academic and social life because like all good things in life there must exist a balance. 

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