Tips For Writing A Letter of Continued Interest

Are you waitlisted by your dream college? The Letter of Continued Interest comes to your rescue. Read more for tips to write an effective LOCI.

TCM Staff

27th October 2020

At times the college admission process can be very arduous and strenuous. Very often it is possible that students are deferred or put on the waiting list. What should you do in such a situation? Getting frustrated and feeling disappointed is quite obvious in this case.  So the answer is to Write a Letter of Continued Interest to the school or college.

In this article, we will be basically talking about the Letter of Continued Interest.

What is a Letter of Continued Interest?

 A letter of continued interest is basically an email you send to an admission office, or admission department typically after you’ve been deferred or placed on their waitlist. This is the way to let the college know that this college is your dream college and that you are still interested in taking admission in this college. This gives you a chance to speak about your achievements and accomplishments.

You should start the letter with a professional as well as a positive tone, with a greeting like “Dear ________” with a short introduction, including your full legal name, Common App ID, date of birth, and the high school you attend.

Don’t show any sort of disappointment or negative statement in your letter, as your chances of selecting will drop. 

At the top of the letter, you must include, the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed, that person’s title, the college or university name, the city/state of the school. 

If this is the college you always dreamt of attending, then do express your wish in the letter, or will you choose this college over all other? This type of sentence may increase your chances even better and yes you should always stay honest in your letter.  

Once you wrote a short intro paragraph you should write further expressing your passion for the school, and what makes you attend the school, and list down any unique feature if you feel like you haven’t included in the supplemental essays. But yes don’t rewrite all those points which you have already written

You should mention your achievements in academics or extracurricular activities after you applied. Like, winning selective awards or honors, maintenance of good grades or a noticeable increase in GPA from the previous semester, achieving any new leadership positions with coursework or taking additional credits at the college level, or anything relatable. 


In conclusion, a LOCI helps you move inches closer to your dream college. But in the case of an unfortunate turn of incidents, if you do not move up from the waitlist, know that there are other colleges waiting with their arms open. You know never know, what turns out to be the best decision of your life. Good Luck!

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