Tips to Boost Your Math SAT Score

Are you looking for the tips to boost your Math SAT Score? Here is an article giving tips on how to improvise the score.

TCM Staff

18th April 2020

Do you consider yourself weak in the subject maths and want to improve to score well in the SAT and get into a college of your choice? Then here is an article giving you tips on how to improve and boost your score in an SAT math test.

What is the Composition of the Math SAT?

The SAT actually contains two separate math test levels- Math Level 1 and Math Level 2. The scores of each level are combined into one total maths score and it ranges between 200 and 800. 

The Sat math tests involved 58 questions and the duration of time allotted for it is 80 minutes

Most of these questions are multiple-choice, but 13 are grid-in questions that require you to come up with your response unlike choosing an option. So, for all of you who don’t know what grid-in questions, it is a question type that simulates a more natural math test-taking practice by offering questions outside the multiple-choice format. 

The first test is mainly known as the Calculator. As the name itself indicates, this part of the test allows you to use a calculator. It consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and 8 grid-in answers and the duration of time allotted for this level of the test is 55 minutes. 

The second test is mostly known as No Calculator. As you might have guessed, you are not allowed to use a calculator on this part of the SAT. It consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-in answers and the duration of time allotted for this level of the test is 25 minutes. 

Skills required to score well in the SAT Math test

It is very important to acquire certain skills and knowledge when you are willing to boost your score in the test. You have many ways to improve it. So now let us know the academic skills tested on SAT Math.

  • Basic Algebra: Linear functions, Single variable equations, Systems of linear equations, Absolute value.

  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis: Ratios and proportions, Scatter Plots and graphs, Categorical data and probabilities, Experimental interpretation, Medan, median, mode, standard deviation.

  • Advanced Algebra: Manipulating polynomials, Quadratic equations, Dividing polynomials, Exponential functions, Function notation, Interpreting exponential equations, Systems of equations with nonlinear equations.

  • Additional Topics: Coordinate geometry - lines and slopes, Coordinate geometry - nonlinear functions, Geometry - circles, lines, angles, solid geometry, triangles, and polygons, Trigonometry, Complex numbers.

Tips to boost your math SAT score

Many of the students think math is the most difficult subject in the world. But, it is not true, you just have to be more dedicated and concentrated. Elders say, it is a difficult task until you try and start liking it and after that everything is gonna be on the tip of your finger.

Here are a few tips you can make use of to improve your SAT score in the subject math.

Take initiative

First and the foremost thing is to take off the idea that math is difficult and it is not possible to score from your head. Be confident and self-motivated. No one is a genius by birth, they just train themself to reach that place. Nothing comes easier unless you try and work hard on it. Pro-tip is to start liking the subject and put in all hard work and try harder.

Study smart

Sometimes, smart work is better than hard work. It is important to plan whatever might be the work. Especially, when it comes to education, it is always suggested to make a proper timetable and most importantly follow it. Thus, get smart about focusing on your studies. Know your strengths and weaknesses in the topics and make a list of them. Make a strategic plan. It helps you know your capability. 

Work more on your negatives but it doesn’t mean you can ignore the topics you are strong at. It shouldn’t end up badly. Keep brushing up on topics you are strong as well, but work more on the topics you are weak.  

To study efficiently, make sure that you cover each of these topics strongly.

  • Solving single-variable equations

  • Ratios and proportions

  • Defining and interpreting the linear function

  • Coordinate geometry of nonlinear functions

  • Manipulating polynomials

  • Solving systems of linear equations

  • Scatter plots and graphs

  • Solving quadratic equations

  • Exponential functions

It is also recommended to answer all the questions which you are sure about and then go for the difficult ones.

Be aware of your activities while answering

This happens most of the time- while answering the questions you think whatever you have written is correct and just submit it that way. When results are out or when you check for answers you will realize that your answer was wrong. It happened because of a silly mistake or you might not have read the question properly. But it is what it is. You will lose marks which could have increased your score.

Thus, it is better to be aware of which answer you are choosing. Being confident is a good thing but being over-confident will only result in disappointments.

So, it is important that you remain calm and composed while taking the test. Read each question properly and then give the answer. Also, time management plays a very important role in these tests which we will further discuss. 

Be aware of the available resources and make use of it

The Math SAT is one of the standardized tests that allow you to use references during the actual test. It will be attached along with the question paper. Instead of searching for the reference outside for the whole day, make sure to use the reference given by themselves which includes diagrams and equations that are necessary and also make sure you utilize it in a great way. 

Calculators are one of the resources which are very important. We agree only one of the math test levels allows you to use calculators but it is of great help, make use of it. But the catch here is, we recommend you take your calculator instead of borrowing it from someone after reaching the location where the test is conducted. 

Importance of Time management skills and Practice

Improving your time management skills will help you in a great way. It is observed that many students scoring less as they run out of time. It is due to bad time management. 

It is a wise call to answer the questions you’re sure about and then go for the difficult ones as it helps you stay calm and start the test on a good note.

Another resource you can make use of is the mock tests or by solving other papers and analyzing how to break down your time while writing your exam. It helps build confidence so that you can take up the test without any fear. 

It is advised to keep practicing until the previous day of the exam and have a nice sleep the previous day of the exam. It is said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. 

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