What is a Commuter School? Is it Right for me?

While attending a traditional college, you either reside on the college campus or stay in the home and commute to college. In this article we will discuss what is a commuter school, it's pros and cons, and how it can suit your needs.

TCM Staff

8th October 2020

A commuter school is nothing but a college/University to which most of the students or sometimes all of the students commute for the classes from their home or dorm, instead of living on campus or in the university housing (If your attending university has that option). 

Many colleges that are based in large cities like Brooklyn or Denver don’t offer any on-campus housing, besides the fact that they are based in large cities, many community colleges and technical schools don’t provide.

Pros and Cons of a Commuter school

Every student has their preferences, there are many logical reasons for a student to attend a commuter school. And likewise there many reasons for a student not to attend the commuter school as well, mostly it all depends on the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

Advantages of attending a commuter school

  • The financial aspect is one of the important factors that govern most of the student’s life without choices. But in this case, you will get the advantage of making effective use of money by saving on housing and food expenses, the cost reduces if you continue living at the home, you don’t have to pay separate rent for the college campus or dorm.

  • In addition to the financial aspect, attending a commuter school keeps your social mind constant and also helps keep your support system intact. Now you might think “what does commuter school has to do with keeping support system intact?”

  • And a bonus point, you can take it as a disadvantage as well as an advantage too, that is you may not need to spend a significant amount of time outside of class instead you can just focus on your studies with no other personal issues.

Disadvantages of attending a commuting school

Yes, there are a few cons that are associated with being a 'Commuter Student'. One such factor that most of you might have faced is 'No Freedom'.

As mentioned earlier, attending a commuter school may keep your support system intact, but you will be facing issues in making friends as many choose to live on-campus or in a dorm perhaps. So, living at your home may pull you back from making friends, and a bitter truth is that you'll have to forget about your fun-filled weekends.

Attending this type of school may keep you focused on your chores and studies, but make sure you ain't feeling isolated and be an anti-social person in the future.

You can also read more on the pros and cons of commuter college

Is a Commuter School right for me?

Although there’s no direct cut answer for this question, yet there is a couple of suggestions that help you make a decision.

In case if you wish to attend the commuter school remember the following things.

  • If you’re a task-oriented person and concerned more about your studies, then this type of school would be an ideal choice for you.

  • I want to be a free bird. I love to be independent and make some memories - No, this is not for you.

  • Some factors determine whether or not the commuter school is right for you such as the amount of time for traveling, the location of the school, crime rate of the city where the college is based, or the campus or dorm. And many more.

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