What Is An Independent College Counselor?

An Independent College Counselor is the one who gives advice about curriculum choices and extracurricular activities and assists with college lists. Here is an article to provide details regarding an Independent College Counselor.

TCM Staff

14th October 2020

Independent college counselors help families and students with their college searches, the application process, and also guide them through better career opportunities. Independent college advisors understand the strengths and weaknesses of students and help them choose a career that matches their interests, passion, and also that has scope. Such counselors are mostly self-employed, but there are also those who work for consulting businesses.

However, there are other types of counselors, such as school counselors. These counselors help students at an early age, say during junior school or high school with various opportunities outside and make important decisions.

Why Do You Need An Independent College Counselor?

As I mentioned before, school counselors help students with their important career decisions, but they can turn out to be unresourceful. Confused? Let me help, it's observed that the national average student to counselor ratio is 350:1, and in schools with more than 2000 students ratio changes to 500:1. In such a case, every student does not get proper individual attention. (Source: The College Board). 

This is one important reason why you need an independent college counselor. Independent college counselors take responsibility for everything from the scratch, better career opportunities that align with aspirants' interests, personality, and passion to the application process, deadlines, and other necessities.

One parent in an interview said, "We knew the college selection process had changed so much, and It was just very, very helpful to have somebody who was an expert at it so you didn’t have to start with ground zero.” (Source: reuters.com)

How Can An Independent College Advisor Help You?

The job growth of school counselors for the decade 2014 - 2024 is expected to be 8 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

An independent college advisor is expected to perform the following duties:-

Advise students about the college admission process

They inform and assist students in the college entrance process and ensure that each student meets the academic and registration requirements at each step of the process. Also, brief about what colleges are looking for in students?

Suggest students with different financial aid options

Independent college consultants provide detailed information on different financial aids available for higher education. 

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 Also, they help in selecting the best option based on different criteria. 

Assist students with the completion of documents

Students and parents might find the process of applying to colleges a bit confusing. College Counselors thus play a role to help them with the completion of required documents, such as college essays, and also help students to gather information about courses taken, grades, grade point average, and other important details a college might ask for an application. 

Conduct meetings and college visits

A College Counselor might visit the college campuses and meet with admissions and financial aid representatives, to keep the students updated about college entrance requirements. He might also arrange for students to visit local colleges.


There is no harm in thinking ahead and strategizing your next step. It only helps in shaping a better future. Find out more relevant articles from the article we linked above. And we hope you find the college that suits you best.

If you require an in-depth assistant then reach out to a college application consultant in your city. So get ready, it's time to put your shoulder to the wheel and get the job done. 

All the best! 

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