What is Continuing Education?

Are you interested to know about continuing education? Explore opportunities for professional and personal growth. This article helps you with detailed information about continuing education. 

TCM Staff

20th March 2020

Studying is a continuing effort. Continuing education by a college/university is solely to improve the skills, proficiency and present practices in a particular field. Choosing the right college or type of institute is also necessary before you start any course or program.

These courses are generally explained in Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). Local schools, colleges/universities provide these courses to the adults who are interested in further pursuing for professional or for personal reasons.

Few institutes provide certification, but generally, the concentration on continuing education is on non-credit courses that help you to improve or shine a particular field of interest.

The student already has an education earlier to take up continuing education. It is a type of post-secondary studying activities and course.

Programs Under Continuing Education

Some of the programs included are as below:

  • Non-degree career training

  • Degree credit courses by non-traditional students

  • Formal personal enrichment courses

  • Workforce training

  • Experiential learning, and

  • Self-directed learning

Types of Continuing Education

  • Earning a GED

  • Postsecondary Degrees (associate, bachelors or graduate)

  • Professional Certification

  • On-the-job Training

  • Military Guidance

  • Corporate Training and Universities

  • Extension Schools

  • English as a Second Language

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) welcomes applications for international students. It is a home for adult learners.

This program offers you certain specific skills, creates an identity from others, and makes a difference in your community.

They provide different courses format, prior studying tests, evening, weekend along with online classes.

Continuing Education at Aquinas

Studies at Aquinas are created for adult students. They provide undergraduate programs. Whether a student would like to start a degree, complete a degree, or receive an extra degree, Aquinas is the right choice to achieve students' needs.

From day 1 up to graduation, a good quality learning experience is ensured. They also offer the best faculty and staff members to enrich or brighten the students' lives.

Students who wish to join at Aquinas, are offered with certain welcome discounts for their 1st three Aquinas college credits. 

This discount is provided at the time of registration by the college administrator/counselor.

Note: Discount limited to only one person.

The ways engaged in completing continuing education are just as varied. A college/university can be a traditional classroom for education. You may begin early, or study following a day of work.

Formal Continuing Programs can take months, even years to complete, or last just a few hours. Your job, and sometimes your happiness, can rely upon fulfillment. It’s never too late to proceed with your education.

Leading Courses for Continuing Education in the United States

The Following explains the courses for continuing education in the USA.

Columbia University Summer Sessions

Columbia University, located in Manhattan of New York, offers certification and summer courses. 

Here, international students have the capability to choose the degree and graduate courses in various areas like science, engineering, humanities, journalism, languages, mathematics, computer science, and many more. 

Business-related programs are also introduced to help students develop their English language skills.

The University also provides the best lab facility which offers a wide range of chances to connect students with corporate companies. 

If you are planning for a specialized certification program or short course, you can choose this university which is best in providing a quality education.

University of California Irvine

This is located on the other side of the US in sunny California. This University helps students and working professionals by providing a number of specialized courses, study programs, and important partnerships in continuing education.

The departments have been well designed and grown, providing almost more than 80 industry-related certificates and courses on campus, and through online.

Are you looking to start your career, then taking up a program in this university make you achieve all your goals. There is a Culinary arts 6-month part-time course in Arts and Entertainment, absolute for first-time cooks who are waiting to begin their career as a professional cook. 

What are the Courses Offered?


  • Accounting

  • Business Administration

  • Computer Information Systems

  • Economics

  • Marketing

  • Sustainable Business

Fine & Humanities

  • Art

  • Catholic Studies

  • English

  • History

  • Music

  • Philosophy

  • Theatre

  • Theology

Global Studies

  • International Studies

  • Irish Studies

  • Translation and Interpretation

  • World Languages

Sciences & Math

  • Biology and Health Sciences

  • Chemistry

  • Data Analytics

  • Engineering

  • Geography & Environmental Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

Social Sciences & Education Communication

  • Community Leadership

  • Education

  • Political Science

  • Pre-Law

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

Universities Providing Continuing Colleges

  • College of Dentistry

  • Rory Meyers College of Nursing

  • University of Cambridge Institute

  • McMaster University

  • Johnson & Wales University

  • University of New Hampshire

  • Townson University

  • University of San Diego

  • Mount Royal University

  • Hunter College

  • University of Colorado

  • Harvard Extension School

  • Daytona State College

  • Americal Water College

  • Clayton State University

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