What is Rushing In College?

Have you grown up listening to fascinating sorority or fraternity stories? Do you plan to join one? In this article, we will discuss what is rush in college and how is it related to sorority and fraternity.

Updated by TCM Staff on 6th October 2020

A fraternity or sorority is a brotherhood or sisterhood formed with common aspiration and goals. They make a commitment to each other for a lifetime. Members share strong bonding, efforts, and knowledge. Together they learn and grow. The organizations originated in the late 1700s with the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

What is Rush?

College kids who are interested in Greek life will go through a ritual known as rush. It consists of a wave of social events and gatherings. It allows possibilities in the field of career and members get to know each other. Each institution has its specific style of conducting rush. It can take place before the beginning of the fall semester, during fall, or at the beginning of the second semester. It depends on the universities. Greek houses offer bids to those students they feel would be the best fit for membership.

Sorority Rush 

Women are expected to visit the sorority to meet its members so that the sisters can get a feel of their personalities. Then they are directed for a compatible fit. They put on a show or sing for the potential candidates. There may be a short interview for the candidates. Those who make it will mostly be invited back for a meeting that includes a dinner or an event.

If you are a good fit, they will likely offer you a bid to become a member of the house. But, some women who want bids don’t get them and wind up feeling hurt. Instead, you can always go through rush all over again. If you feel the rush is too formal, informal rush takes place throughout the year. You can take advantage of the opportunity to meet the sorority sisters and get to know them in a more relaxed way.

Fraternity Rush 

Fraternity rush is basically for men, but sometimes it can be for both men and women. It’s less formal than that of sororities. Prospective candidates get to know each other during a rush in the house and vice versa to determine compatibility. They may host some informal events, such as a touch football game, a barbeque, or a party. Later on, fraternities give outbids, those who accept become pledges. If you don’t get in you can always try to rush again. 

How is Greek Life like?

There is much more than one big party as they show in the movies. Fraternities and sororities participate in charitable work and raise money for charities. They also focus on education and want members to maintain a minimum GPA to remain in better standing.

Socializing is a major part of Greek life, with parties and events throughout the year. The possibility to meet new people and make new friends is a big thing when students consider Greek life. Older frat and sorority members can be mentors for all those that are practically new and adjusting to life on campus. 

What you should be doing while you’re in a Rush?

Any rush event will be filled with social events, parties, mixers, or reception. These events are fun, but it shouldn’t be just about the food you get to eat. Spend some time to learn and understand about Greek-letter organization you are wishing for the rush. Meet all the members and ask them questions about any topic related to fraternity or sorority. Some of the questions that you can ask are:

  • How did the particular fraternity or sorority start?

  • Social and community service events the participants go through.

  • Daily life in fraternity or sorority 

  • Interests and hobbies of members 

  • Member commitments, annual cost, housing, and food options.

Is Rush Right for Me?

The important part of the rush week is to make your own decisions based on what you experience. They may have stereotypes and reputations, as an individual or as a whole. But it is mostly untrue. Here, there are no commitments during rush week. Try it out and see how you feel about fraternities or sororities, don’t be afraid! 

Fraternities and sororities can make an impact on students after they graduate and the phase of their career. They can give a better connection while you’re job hunting and are valuable for networking. They may not lead to a job but it can always open several doors for you.

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