What is the Highest GPA?

GPA is very helpful in the process of admission. A good GPA score can land you in the best colleges/universities. Learn more about the highest GPA, how to maintain it, and many more.

Updated by Viswathika on 10th January 2020

As we all know, the Grade Point Average is the average of the total grade points you obtain in core subjects.

In this article, let us see the highest GPA one can secure in High School and How it varies with different point scales.

Highest GPA in Unweighted scale

On an unweighted scale, only grades are counted to calculate the GPA excluding its toughness. That means an 'A' in AP class and 'A' in a regular session are the equivalent ones. It is a 4.0 scale system, where the highest GPA is 4.0.

Grades Points (Unweighted scale)
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0


When you score ‘A’ in all the subjects, then the average comes out to be 4.0. This is the highest GPA in an Unweighted scale.

Highest GPA in Weighted scale

On a Weighted scale, the average GPA is computed having difficulty in the course into consideration. The grade point increases by +1 point than the unweighted scale. So does, the highest GPA also increases. The following table shows the weighted.


Point (Weighted scale)

A 5
B 4
C 3
D 1
F 0


In this system, the highest GPA attained is 5.0, if a student secures ‘A’ in non-regular classes or the Advanced Placement sessions.

How to keep your GPA high?

Even Though the high GPA is tempting, they are hard to attain. It is hard never Impossible!! If you score below average at the beginning of freshman year, then the average GPA goes down. But, If you scored less at the end of the year, it won't affect your GPA. So start as early as possible. Try striking the best grades in the first year. Choose easy and good-scoring topics.

Why do you need your GPA to be high?

In your whole High School period, GPA is the only measure of your productivity and academic activities. Higher your GPA indicates higher your performance. GPA plays a key role when you apply for scholarships and other financial aids. It also helps you to get your dream college, by making your application successful.

Higher your GPA means, Higher the efforts you have made. It gives a positive look at you and your college application, As it denotes you are hardworking and passionate about trying something new and difficult.

To Conclude

Depending upon the scale of grading, the highest score also alters. In a 4.0 or an unweighted scale, the maximum GPA is 4.0 and in a 5.0 or weighted scale, the maximum GPA is 5.0.