What SAT IIs Should You Take As a Prospective Pre-med? 

SAT II is a content-based test that allows you to showcase your knowledge in specific subject areas where you excel. As a Pre-med student, you must check the college requirement and take subjects like Biology, Maths. Read on…..

TCM Staff

22nd June 2020

SAT Subject Tests are based on college admission exams on specific subjects. The only national admission tests where you choose to best showcase your strengths and interests is the SAT II subject test. The SAT II is generally called the Achievement Tests. The main purpose of the SAT II test is to measure what you have learned about a particular academic subject over the year. 

Most pre-med students have typically wanted to go into medicine because they are book smart. Therefore the average GPA for pre-medical students is quite high, regardless of school, and program.

Which SAT IIs should you take?

Check out the application requirements of the colleges

You can go through the requirements of your course and then look on the college’s website for any additional requirements of SAT II tests. Then proceed to take the required tests. The top colleges want to see what you are passionate about and what you are good at to get an accurate picture of you as an applicant.

Take Biology Test

Taking the Biology subject test will help you to check your understanding of the major concepts of biology, and your ability to apply the principles learned to solve specific problems in biology. In this test, you will have 1 hour to answer all 80 questions where 60 questions are multiple-choice questions on core principles in biology and then you will answer an additional 20 multiple-choice questions on Biology E or Biology M i.e., Biology Ecological or Biology Molecular respectively. 

Take Math Test

To select between Math Level I and Level II, definitely go for Level II. This is because M2 gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills in a test. And also it is a bad idea to have two subject tests on the same subject. Math II covers all the topics of Math I and has a bit more. But people assume scoring in Math II is harder than in Math I, which isn't the case. There is no doubt that Math II is harder and covers more syllabus, but in Math II you can avoid a few questions and still get a perfect score, which isn't the case in Math I. So choosing between Math I & II is a very personal choice, you choose whichever you are comfortable with. It is recommended to take Math II and choose one science test: physics or chemistry. 

Take Chemistry and Physics Test

The chemistry subject test checks your ability to organize and interpret results obtained by observation and experimentation. This test also helps to measure your aptitude for drawing conclusions and making inferences using experimental data, including data presented in graphic or tabular form. And the Physics subject test assesses your ability to solve specific problems with the application of physical principles. The test also measures your understanding of simple algebraic, trigonometric, and graphical relationships, the concepts of ratio and proportion, and how to apply these concepts to physics problems.

Take Humanities (Exceptional)

US history is not particularly challenging, so if you are looking to do a humanities subject then you can also take a US history course, it should be very feasible.


You should take SAT subject tests in those areas in which you are relatively more comfortable with the material. If you have planned for Pre-med, then Bio and Math II along with Chemistry and Physics makes the most sense. Though you can also go for Humanities subjects. But remember whichever subject you take, make sure to buy a test preparation book and prepare well for it.

Good Luck!

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