What to Consider When Accepting a College Offer

You are about to enter college and you cannot be more excited about all the new avenues that are going to open up. Hold on! Hasty decisions often lead to problems in the future. In this article we discuss what to consider when accepting a college offer. Read on to know more..

TCM Staff

8th April 2020

I used to dream of studying in some of the best universities of the world which I had heard of as a growing up teenager. Stanford, Watson and Oxford were on the top of my list. I only had a vague idea about why these colleges were so famous or why should someone join any of these colleges. It was only later that I understood the fact that it is not only the brand name and the reputation of the college but there are a lot of other factors that a student must consider while applying to a college. Let us discuss a few important points that students should keep in mind while accepting a college offer.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

One of the most important things that students must consider while accepting a college offer is it’s tuition fee. There are several financial aid options for financially weaker students and meritorious students. The most popular aid is Federal Student Aid(FSA). In order to avail this aid students must fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). They can check the eligibility criteria for FSA, and may apply accordingly.There are a lot of benefits attached to FAFSA. For more information you can visit the government official website https://www.usa.gov/financial-aid

There are other options that you may consider. You  have to know how much you can afford to pay from your savings or from family’s income or let’s say maybe by doing a part-time job. Plan and strategize accordingly on how much is the scholarship given by college and how much you have to shell out from your own pocket. Many schools will  try to lure students by saying they have got the best scholarship offers for students but before falling into a trap, do check for the exact details and accurate facts. The fee structure, tuition fee and scholarship amount have to be looked into carefully.

Academic Opportunities

Before taking admission in a grad school or let's say in a master program you must look at the academic opportunities that will be available to you post admission. What kind of opportunities and new avenues are waiting for you once you pass out from the college is also another important factor to be considered. What are the different courses offered by the college and do they align with your choice of interest? These are few things which will matter to you in the long run.


Location comes into picture when you look for a school. Some of us prefer to be in a school which is located in the centre of the city and some of us want to be far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you don’t have a car or any other personal vehicle, your school is at an isolated place and you have to walk a long distance to grab food or grocery or let’s say any other stationary for that matter then of course, your stay in the school is going to be tough. Hence it is important to choose your school accordingly keeping location in mind as a crucial factor.


If anything matters after academics then it is extra-curricular activities. The overall development and growth happens through extra curricular activities. To build a solid personality and to be able to survive in the competitive world, you must focus on extracurricular activities. It enhances your skills, it increases your creativity and boosts your confidence level.It helps you become an approachable and outgoing person. There are different clubs that one can be a member of and participate in. Look for all these opportunities. Nowadays colleges have a variety of clubs such as incubation club, entrepreneurship club, communication club, literary club, Corporate Social Responsibility Club, Sports club, Dance Club, Music Club, Arts Club, Theatre club.There are even schools with Harry Potter like college systems.

Oftentimes colleges will have a wide range of extra curricular activities that you can take part in and make the best use of. So before getting into a college or school do enquire about extracurriculars as well, may be through alumni or admission department or through students’ review.


Last but not the least, consider what kind of communities are offered by your potential college. Whether you would like to be a part of a large community or a smaller set of people. It all boils down to your own taste and preferences.  Whether it is a coeducation or a same sex college. Whether it is a government college or a private one. Maybe you are looking for a campus that emphasizes on certain values. Maybe you are looking for some environmental concerns. All these factors will decide what kind of social circle you will land up with.


All in all accepting a college admission offer letter is a crucial decision in a student’s life. So don’t jump into a hasty conclusion. Take your time, do your research, look for reviews about the college, talk to alumni, talk to students, ask for guidance from your senior professors, take advice from educational counsellors and then take a decision wisely.All the best for your academic life and future!

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