Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP)

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs is a non-profit organization that accredits institutions who provide proficient medical physics programs, post-graduate, doctorate and certification programs.

Posted by Ankita Paul on 15th May 2018

Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP)

Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs is a non-profit association that offers accreditations to universities for giving training in Medical Physics.

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs authorizes ace and doctorate level graduate programs, post-graduate residency programs, proficient doctorate in medical physics (DMP) programs, certification programs, and proceeding with instruction programs in medical physics. 

Guiding Values of CAMPEP

CAMPEP endeavors to enhance its norms through the fulfillment of these qualities-

  • To ensure the idea of the guideline and getting ready for therapeutic physicists.

  • To openly perceive those graduate and residency programs that have achieved CAMPEP accreditation.

  • To require obligation of therapeutic restorative science graduate, residency and continuing with instructive programs to CAMPEP as a higher authority responsible for guaranteeing the tasks.

  • To require approved projects to have set up a methodology for steady quality change and organization.

  • To talk with its various electorates the mission, reason, and techniques used by CAMPEP to improve graduate and residency instruction in therapeutic material science.

  • To use fitting and sensible practices in fundamental authority related to the accreditation of programs.

  • To give a strategy of continuing with review, examination, and change of accreditation hones.

 Eligibility Requirements for colleges for CAMPEP accreditation

The eligibility requirements mandatory for accreditation from CAMPEP are:

  • The foundations in the United States that offer graduate preparing in medical physics must be authorized by an accreditation affiliation by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

  • Graduate guideline ought to be overseen and seen by an appropriate coordinating leading body of trustees, which is driven by the program boss or delegate and meets formally no not as much as twice every year.

  • Students entering the medical physics graduate program ought to have a solid base in fundamental physical science.

  • There ought to be an adequate number of program resources accessible and should have adequate time for educating and exhorting graduate & undergraduates.

  • The organization should have every single fundamental office facilities like instructive assets, registering assets, meeting rooms, varying media offices, and office bolster.

  • The foundation should express its feeling of obligation with respect to long-run cash related and the definitive help of the graduate program.

  • The program should have a structure that empowers open talks and correspondence and encourages the trading of information, experience, and thoughts.

  • Students ought to have diaries, books and different assets promptly accessible with them.

  • Graduates may be given a framework for standard assessment concerning the idea of their heading and the genuineness of their teachers and guides. The graduates may be protected from the ridiculous striking back.

 Colleges and Universities coming under CAMPEP accreditation

The colleges and universities that fall under CAMPEP accreditation 

Columbia University East Carolina University
Florida Atlantic University Georgia Institute of Technology
Hofstra University Louisiana State University

Decision-making bodies of CAMPEP

The basic leadership bodies comprise of Board of Directors and review committees or survey councils.

The Board of Directors is the zenith body that takes every one of the choices with respect to accreditations. The Board of Directors comprises of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chairperson of Graduate Training Program, Residency Education Program and Continuing Education Credit, Executive Secretary and 7 different individuals.

The survey councils are of three kinds. Graduate Education Program incorporates 12 individuals Chairperson and Vice executive. The residency instruction program has 11 individuals including the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The Continuing Education Credit board has 10 individuals including Chairperson.


This accreditation agency gives accreditation to colleges and universities that provide education in medical physics to the students. CAMPEP accredits doctorate and post-graduate level programs which meet the standards set by the authorizing committee.