National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS)

The NACCAS is an autonomous, independent accrediting agency constituted by a non-profit Delaware corporation, its headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia. To know more about this Accrediting Commission read this article.

Posted by Akshay Nair P R on 25th May 2018

National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS)

This Accrediting Commission was formed in 1969 when two similar agencies in the similar field merged to form Cosmetology Accrediting Commission (CAC). Which later changed its name in 1981 as the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS). The US Department of Education has recognized it as a national agency that would provide accreditation to the department of cosmetology arts and sciences, postsecondary schools, and also to specialized schools.

As of now, this commission has accredited 1.300 institutes which have over 120,000 students and also these institutes offers over 30 different courses.

 Steps for becoming NACCAS Accredited

Step 1 - The school should be a licensed Post Secondary Educational Institute which should be open and is continuously training students

Step 2 - The institution owner must attend a NACCAS accreditation workshop and the Accreditation for the candidate school session which would typically be of 3-days

Step 3 - Complete an application and submit all the required exhibits and fees via the NACCAS website.

Step 4 - Review of application, in this process the application goes through a series of review by the NACCAS Pre-Scanner and the NACCAS staff. After the application is found out to be complete and correct it is given to the candidate committee for the final review. Then they will decide the approval by sending a letter to the school "Granting Candidate Status"

Step 5 - The school should submit the Institutional Self Study report and send it in hard copy at the same time when they would apply for Consolidation visit

Step 6 - Requesting for the Consolidation visit 

Step 7 - The Consolidation visit; after this visit, only the accreditation would be granted.

 Benefits of NACCAS Accreditation

  • Eliminated concern about the quality of education and also concern about the value of the certificate from the mind of the students and their parents

  • Students would be eligible for a Federal Loan

  • Easy job placements in recognized organizations.


This Accreditation has removed the cloud of doubt from the mind of the people about the future after doing a course in cosmetology as there are tons of beauty schools available that are not accreditated. This NACCAS Accreditation has always kept an eye on the standards of the schools, so as to make sure the students who pass out from there are the best in their jobs. Due to this, there are various high-end organizations hire students passing out from these colleges.