Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)

The Northwest Commission on colleges and Universities (NWCCU) is an independent, non-profit membership organisation recognised by the US Department of Education. To know more read the article below.

Posted by Navya B on 21st March 2018

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Northwest Commission on colleges and universities abbreviated as NWCCU.

It is one among the other accrediting bodies and provides accreditation to colleges and universities in the northwest side of United States.

  • Northwest Commission on colleges and universities commission is an independent and non-profit organization.

  • It accredits colleges in the seven states in the northwest regions.

  • A college/university should fulfill the standards to get accreditation by some specified procedures.

  • It was recognized by the government of US in the year 1952.

  • It was first established as the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher schools in 1917.

  • It changed its name to Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges in 1974 which included two divisions.

  • Then the commission got split into the Northwest Commission on Colleges and universities in the year 2002.

Guiding values of an institution

Standard 1- The commission wants the Colleges/Universities to follow the Mission and concentrate on the core themes.

Standard 2- Secondly the college should be sustained by important Resources and Capacity. The following comes under this standard

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Leadership and Management

  • Human Resources

  • Educational Resources

  • Financial Resources

  • Technology Resources

Standard 3- The next standard to be followed by the colleges/universities is Planning and Implementation.

Standard 4- The commission wants the Colleges/Universities to check the effectiveness and improvement at the last.

Institution Requirements for NWCCU

An institution should concentrate more on academics.

  • A basic quality of any institution should be more to concentrate on students education levels, if the infrastructure and all other things matter moreover, then the educational aspects will be lost in any university.

The University/College should have a definite goal to follow their goals.

  • Every college will have a few sets of goals and they need to achieve their goals by performing various activities.

They should provide quality assurance and Improvement.

  • No college will be the best in its early stages, so they have to assure the accrediting bodies to fulfill their needs to get accredited. And even after getting accredited they have to work to achieve improvement.

They should follow their objectives and integrity should be clear.

  • All the objectives produced by the institution should have clarity and they should maintain integrity with the accrediting bodies.

The governing body of the institution should be liable. 

  • The administration department in the institution should be strict with the legal aspects and be liable.

 List of colleges/Universities accredited by NWCCU

Eastern Washington University

Oregon State University

Concordia University

Marylhurst University

Gonzaga University

Nevada State College

University of Nevada, Reno

Western Seminary

How does it benefit the students?

  • It helps the students and their parents choose a better and good college for their respective education.

  • Accredited colleges will have good and experienced faculty.

  • Students can enjoy a good environment with many activities.

  • A candidate pursuing an education in accredited universities will have privileges to get Financial help and Scholarships.

  • Students will have a lot to learn and the various programs held in college. 


I hope you have understood how the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accrediting body functions. Its main objective is to make the institutions get recognized for student purposes.

You can join a University/College which has been accredited by the NWCCU accrediting body.


  Does accreditation guarantee that credits and degrees are transferred to a different institution?

No. Transferability of credits and degrees may be a matter determined by the institution receiving the credits. Transferability depends on many factors. 

  Why doesn't the Commission rank institutions?

The purpose of accreditation is to provide public assurance of academic quality and institutional integrity. Varied publications have begun institution ranking processes supported such factors as specific numerical details.

  How is accreditation different from state licensure?

While many states have established laws that have to be met before an institution might operate, in most states such laws represent a minimum basis for the defense of students. State authorization shouldn\'t be confused with institutional or specialized accreditation. An institution might have state authorization to work, however, it should not essentially be accredited by an institutional or specialized accrediting association. 

  What can I find out about an institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges?

If an institution is listed as accredited, it implies that it\'s presently accredited which its programs, both on-campus and off-campus, are enclosed in its accreditation which it\'s presently, to the best of the Commission’s judgment, complying with the accreditation necessities. The Commission doesn\'t accredit individual programs within an institution.