Oklahoma Student Loan Authority Reviews

Learn about OSLA student loans servicer, payments due, deferment or forbearance with interest rates and also see their refinancing options along the pros and cons and contact details here!

Posted by Gowtham Ramesh on 5th April 2019

Oklahoma Student Loan Authority or OSLA a listed Federal student loan servicer that has over forty years of expertise that helps the students to manage their student loans and repay it.

It was established by the Oklahoma state as a charitable trust in 1972 to notably Oklahoma state, however, the corporate had serviced federal Direct and Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL) for over one hundred thirty thousand students borrowers across the country and even it may be your servicer thought of your location you're in.

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1. What are the OSLA activities?
2. How to make OSLA student loan payments?
3. How to overcome student loan payments due?
4. Looking into Deferment or Forbearance
5. Interest rates and fees of OSLA student loans
6. Refinancing your OSLA student loan
7. Reviews about OSLA
8. OSLA Pros and Cons
9. How to contact OSLA?
10. Conclusion
11. Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) - Student loan servicing review FAQs

What are the OSLA activities?

The OSLA could be a Federal student loan servicer who is a middleman between the Department of Education and borrowers of the student loan. Who is chargeable for the process of student loan from the paperwork to the gathering of payments and helping the individuals to manage their loans.

Even though it's the most duties that the OSLA is doing. Still it also responsible for doing lots of alternative services for the federal government.

  • Helping the borrowers on the discharge and forgiveness whether or not they qualify for it or not.

  • Helping the borrowers on deferment and forbearance to understand their works

  • Making assistance on managing their payments

  • Providing them with varied income-driven repayment plans which are given by the federal government.

As there are several student loan servicers and supporters out there for each the federal and private student loan. The company solely provides services for federal student loans. Which are particularly made for the service of federal Direct loans and loans disbursed through the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program.

OSLA services your student loan if it's beneath the FFELP that was terminated in 2010. It should either be a Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Consolidation or PLUS loans.

How to make OSLA student loan payments?

If the federal student loan of yours are serviced by OSLA then you’re more possible to form payments and it is also necessary to agree that the payment choices are totally different supported to the loans you have whether or not a Direct Loan or an FFEL Loan.

Direct Loan that is serviced by OSLA may be accessed by browsing through their portal wherever you’ll be able to pay on-line for the student loan of yours and also you’ll able to make payments by signing up for OSLA Auto payment system called KwikPay or through a mailing a check.

If you have got an FFEl loan that is been serviced by OSLA then you'll be able to log in to their portal as almost like the Federal Direct Loans you'll be able to pay through on-line or signing up for EZ Pay the automated payment system designed for FFEL Loans.

How to find the difference between Direct (or) FFEL Loan?

  • To check your account number if it starts with a number eight or letter "F" then it is a direct loan.

  • The account number of yours starts with a number "0" with none letters then it's an FFEL loan

How to overcome student loan payments due?

As borrowers, you would possibly have problems and difficulties in managing student loan payments with a number of decisions out there to assist and make the payback your loans comfortable.

Revise the due date

If you're facing a problem and unable to pay your student loan dues due to commitments like rent, credit card or different payments then you'll be able to select changing your due date, therefore, it can come back at a unique timeline within the month. wherever you'll be able to make your funds and pay it.

To change the due date simply contact OSLA's client care service department and update them concerning the situation.

Revise your payment plan

Similar to federal student loan servicers, OSLA provides you a large variety of various repayment plans to choose from and designed to form the repayments easier for the borrowers.

Also, keep in purpose that some of the programs that are out there for all borrowers and a few are based on the income level the payment plans are out there for all borrowers.

Standard repayment

In this repayment plan, you're needed to pay a similar amount for each month throughout the life of your loan.

Graduated repayment

under this repayment plan, can|you'll|you may} be creating smaller payments at the beginning of your loan repayment and also the payment will grow slowly over the time of the loan.

Extended Repayment

This repayment plan can assist you to cut back the monthly payments and you may be paying additional within the long-term wherever you might be leading over the calculated interest payment down the lane of the loan.

Payments plans that are based on the income, family size and different eligibility necessities like

Income-Based Repayment (IBR)

This plan is completely created for FFELP and Direct loans. If your loans are on or when first of July 2014 then you're needed to pay 10% of after-tax income and you may be creating payments for a period of 20 years after that time the remaining amount is going to be forgiven. If your loan is before the date then you may be paying 15% of your taxable income and you need to pay for 25 years to get forgiveness.

Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR)

This plan is formed for direct loan solely. wherever you will be paying 20% of your after-tax income, no more than what you may be paying under a standard repayment arrange. after a period of twenty years, the balance of your loan is going to be forgiven.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

This is made out there for Direct Loans solely. wherever you will be paying 10% of your after-tax income where it should be over what you'd pay on the standard repayment arrange. After a period of twenty years, the loan is going to be considered for forgiveness.

Revised Pay As You Earn

This is an exclusive plan for Direct Loans solely. where you will be paying 10% of your after-tax income and also the remaining balance on the undergraduate loans are going to be gone after twenty years under forgiveness and for the graduate loan, it'll be gone after a period of twenty-five years with the past qualifying payments. The forgiven amount is taxable as it has been forgiven under the income-based program.

These repayment plans have their own eligibility necessities and are out there to the borrowers with federal student loans. wherever you can estimate what quantity of your monthly bill is used.

Looking into Deferment or Forbearance

Students are facing financial hardship might need to place the student loan of their in deferment or forbearance, wherever these a pair of choices are largely out there for all of the borrowers with federal student loans

This student loan deferment may be a long method in which you'll be able to quickly hold making of your monthly payments to the federal student loans.

  • If the federal loan of yours is qualified for deferment by ensuring necessities for the eligibility as

  • Enrolled at least half-time as a student

  • Under economic hardship like unemployment, you'll be able to extend up to thirty years.

  • If you are an active military duty at a war, national emergency or military operation.

  • Under disabled or after taking care of people who are disabled.

  • Leave on maternity due or taking care of a newborn kid or adopted kid.

If the loans of yours are federally subsidized then you do not get to worry concerning the interest that's accumulated at the time of postponement.

If the loan of you're unsubsidized then you're needed or got to pay off the interest because it accumulated at the end of deferment period (or) it'll be carried forward to the balance of your loan as principal wherever it starts accumulated interest of itself.

Learn about OSLA student loans servicer, payments due, deferment or forbearance

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The student loan forbearance is additional or less kind of like the deferment that provides you a further choice to pause the student loan payment. The key distinction here is whereas the forbearance takes place the student is in charge of paying off his interest that has accumulated and also the eligibility necessities.

Before entering into deferment or forbearance to hold your payments. Its conjointly necessary to make an exploration on yourself to find out will the interest are going to be happening and how much can it cost you over the lifeline of your loan.

Often individuals notice that income-dependent repayment plan is additional helpful than the deferment and forbearance choices.

Interest rates and fees of OSLA student loans

You may consider and think that the OSLA is the account of the interest rate to your loans. however, actually, is that the rate of interest is set by the U.S. Congress on all of the Federal student loans.

Looking to search out whether or not the rate of interest on your loan is serviced by OSLA. you can notice it by going through this informations.

  • Analyze your monthly student loan statement

  • Get into the National Student Loan Database (NSLDS) to get a view of your student loan.

  • Access your accounts and get to the loan details to get information.

  • Get in contact with OSLA student loan statement.

If you have got doubt that the student loan servicer does not set you a rate of interest under some case you would possibly be able to get a lower rate of interest by signing up for an auto debit payment

sadly, though OSLA offers automatic payments for each the Direct and FFEL loans, by signing up for it. The rate of interest may be lowered. which says that if your loans are being serviced by OSLA you'll be able to get your rates lower.

Refinancing your OSLA student loan

Refinancing may be a process of going for a brand new loan to pay off your existing loan where it typically has worn out an order to get

  • Lower interest rate

  • Reduced and lower monthly payments

  • Shorter-term of the loan

  • Changing from variable-rate to fixed-rate

  • To get combination advantages

Based on the terms of your original loan and also the new loan. Refinanced student loan has the chance to get you helped from spending thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the loan. It may assist you with the payment of student loan easier by creating a reduced monthly payment to get a better hold of your amounts.

Wondering whether or not the refinancing of your student loan is worthy? is that the rate of interest of yours have considerably lowered from the time you took a loan then it implies that your loan is considerably grown the credit score or the debt to income ratio from the time of your loan then the refinancing is useful.

Also, a very important purpose to stay in mind is that refinancing a federal student loan will cease to be a federal student loan. wherever it becomes a private student loan which implies that you just are going to be loosing all the valuable advantages like forbearance possibility and forbearance eligibility and plenty of different things. necessary to keep these before trading off its mind before deciding each way.

If you're not willing to refinance your student loan than to get a lower rate where you'll be able to go for consolidation that makes the loan less complicated to handle and it'll be a higher option.

Consolidation may be the same one to refinancing however they're totally different under some necessary ways that, So, it's better to get hold of all the data and choices before getting down with it.

Reviews about OSLA

On an overall aspect till a borrower makes mind to refinance their federal loan with a private lender. they do not have control over the student loan servicer all the decision taken will be by the federal government

Where borrowers can still be loaded with all the information they need so as to make an upon call regarding their servicer where it includes or should they stay or go for refinancing with another lender also understand what the servicer will do and cannot do.

OSLA interest rates and also see their refinancing options along the pros and cons and contact details here!

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Looking at the reviews from different client call provide you with valuable insight into how the OSLA is functioning. let's get down with any of the financial institutions can receive both the positive and negative review on them its same for OSLA, therefore, take all the data with a bit perspective.

See for information at all the Better Business Bureau will help you with the major negative review the complaints which are focused on the customer service loan collection practices and lack of communication.

The internal survey at the OSLA states that customer satisfaction is been high across a wide number of areas.

OSLA Pros and Cons


There are whole nine organizations that are listed and approved to service the federal student loan among the nine OSLA is additionally one when meeting their rigorous necessities.

Multiple ways to pay

The OSLA provides you heaps of offers to the borrowers like multiple ways in which to pay and get manage of their student loans. whether or not the payment is being paid by on-line, by mail or through automatic payments.


Along the various standard communication, it provides like mail, phone, and emails. It also communicates through on-line social media like facebook presence because it felt that almost all of its borrowers are currently active in these platforms.

Conflict resolution

In each state of affairs once a client files a complaint against them through the BBB. The OSLA offers a prompt response and aims to clarify it or correct it to make sure truthful transparency.


It might go ahead in many ways within the area of servicer however still, there are some areas wherever it can improve themselves.

Outdated website

The OSLA's web site is in would like of great updates in each the areas of style and functionalities. The presently running web site isn't mobile friendly and makes things exhausting to log in and manage payments of yours on the go.

complicated web layouts

The OSLA has a pair of totally different websites and payment system where one is for the loan borrowers and another one for FFEL Loan borrowers. that makes it terribly troublesome and frustrating in order to search out the data that you're trying to find notably if you're work certain the primary time.

Covered Contact information

It sounds like certainly reasons OSLA makes hard to the borrowers find their contact data asking them to log in to get it.

Customer service

The certain number of borrowers are proud of the client service of OSLA wherever different clients particularly critic the companies customer service as a weaker purpose.

How to contact OSLA?

If you're in would like of contacting OSLA for discussing the federal student loans which may be done in numerous ways that.

By work into on-line, phone, mail and emails.

Phone 866-264-9762 The hours of work are Mon to Fri from 8 am to five pm Central Standard Time.

Email - DLcustserv@osla.org you'll be able to email them or log into your on-line account and make contact with.

Members of military

Phone: 844-835-7484

Fax: 855-813-2224

Email: MilitaryBenefits@osla.org


The OSLA has been serving for a period over than forty years with expertise in serving to the student and navigating them to the federal student loans which had made its reputation and trusted one in the federal student loan servicer

There are uncounted reasons why the college graduates who loan are serviced by OSLA can visit different lenders for consolidation or refinancing.

Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) - Student loan servicing review FAQs

1. Is OSLA a federal loan?

Oklahoma Student Loan Authority is a non-profit company that started servicing federal loans in 2012. The U.S. Department of education moved Direct loans that are previously assigned to the loan servicing center and in repayment standing to OSLA.

2. What does servicing a loan mean?

The loan servicing is a process in which the company might be a  mortgage bank or a servicing firm where it collects the interest from the borrowers, It also collects the Principals and escrow payments from them too.

3. How do I contact OSLA?

Phone 866-264-9762 The hours of work are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST.

Email - DLcustserv@osla.org you can email them or log into your online account and contact.

Fax -  (855) 813-2224

4. What is a loan servicing fee?

The servicing fee is the percentage of each mortgage payments which are made by the borrower to the mortgage servicer as compensation for holding a record of payments with them and collecting the payments. Passing of the principal and interest payments with the note holder for a better understanding of it later.

5. How many days does a lender have to provide the servicing transfer notice?

It should be within 3 days excluding public holiday. After the person applies for reverse mortgage transaction the lender, mortgage broker who expects it. needs to provide it to the person servicing the statement.

6. Can you pay off principal before interest?

Where paying of principal will really help you in paying off debt quickly and your bank should take extra payments at the same time which can be made as monthly payments where the money will go to the principal.

7. What is the difference between a loan servicer and lender?

The lender lends the money to the borrower and the servicer handles the money and other duties of the loan. A lender can also be a servicer. Where both the servicer and lender have policies and procedures which are needed to be followed.

8. What is the due date for do not advance?

When you pay more than your monthly due then the date on the loan will become advance for one month for each time you pay more. You some times have the option not to request the not advance on the due date once you need to pay more than the current amount.

9. Can I transfer my student loan to another lender?

Well, the federal government doesn't really allow you to transfer your student loan to another person. But, if you really need to move from this servicer to another service you can go for refinancing the loan by which a private lender does it in addition you get a reduced rate of interest.

10. Is it smart to consolidate your student loan?

Consolidation is more similar to the refinancing where each has its own benefits and disadvantages. Consolidation can be done with all of your loans or with a single one. Consolidation might be a great idea to lower the monthly payment but it's not that good.