Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Recommendation Letters are very important for scholarships, it adds importance to the applications to get approval.

Posted by Navya B on 9th March 2018

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

A recommendation letter is mainly used by students to achieve reference from a well-known organization or person to attain additional value to your scholarship.

A student can write a letter to someone and seek recommendation; this is a direct approach to get a recommendation from a person.

If someone else writes a letter for you to get recommendation then the person should address that you are capable and they believe in you.

Who needs Recommendation letter?

  • Usually, students apply for scholarships for Associate, Bachelors or Masters Degree.

  • A recommendation letter will purely depend on what kind of scholarship they want to apply.

  • Few scholarships do ask for recommendation letters in support of their scholarships applications. These letters might help them boost their chances of getting scholarships.

  • If a student is applying for a scholarship in MBA, then he/she has to submit 3 letters of recommendation.

How should a recommendation letter for scholarship be designed?

  • The first main thing you should be explaining in a recommendation letter is who you know this person, how did you encounter this person. One can include their relationship with them.

  • Second, mention few interesting things about this person you have discovered. Try explaining their strengths and accomplishments.

  • A brief summary of why do you want to recommend this person and to which degree.

What are the key points in Recommendation Letters?

Skills Motivation
Abilities/Strengths Contributions (for any major cause)
Potential Accomplishments (if any)

Benefits of Recommendation letters

  • They add inclusion to your scholarship

  • It gives additional values

  • There are chances of you getting awarded scholarships by recommendation letters.

  • A student might get recognized in your school/college.

Sample Recommendation letter for Scholarships


John Smith

123 Corporate Plaza

Washington, USA


Liberty University

1971 University Blvd

Lynchburg, USA

9th March 2018

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

RE: Scholarship Recommendation

I, John Smith writing to you regarding the recommendation of scholarship for a student named Mr Calvin Doe pursuing bachelors of Science in the domain of accounting, 4th semester.

Calvin has worked for me as an intern for 6 months; he is intelligent and hard-working. His approach towards work is very strong and intense by goals. He exhibits many qualities like focusing, time management, logical thinking and quantitative analysis.

This student is in a need of financial aid in support of his studies and further education. I would like to recommend his name for the scholarship.

I hope my recommendation is taken into consideration and helps your student on the financial aspects and fulfils the student’s needs.

Thank you

John Smith

Assistant Manager


Recommendation letters boost your scholarships values and help you get the scholarship on a higher percentage. I hope readers who went through this blog would have understood the importance and benefits of recommendation for scholarships.


  1) Who should write my recommendation letter for a scholarship? 

A recommendation letter for a scholarship application can be written by your mentor/employer, teacher, coach or anyone who knows you and your eligibility to be awarded by the scholarship. Make sure that the recommendation letter is NOT written by any of your blood-related relatives, in that case, your application may be rejected or deemed not eligible.  

  2) What should a recommendation letter contain? 

A recommendation letter should be written by someone who knows you properly and your character, and if you are hardworking and whether you deserve a scholarship or not. The letter of recommendation should contain everything about you in brief and whether you deserve the scholarship or not if you do then how and why do you deserve one? All these things should be written in a recommendation letter to make your scholarship application more relevant and acceptable to the scholarship you are applying for. 

  3) How many recommendation letters are required while applying for a scholarship? 

Three recommendation letters are required from persons who know your academic qualifications. Recommenders should be chosen from people most familiar with your former studies, research interests, or work, including at least one instructor in the institution you last attended. 

  4) Should I submit my letter of recommendation along with the scholarship application?

It is not mandatory to submit the letter of recommendation along with the scholarship application. As soon as you complete your scholarship application you should submit it. The recommendation letter will be a part of your scholarship application as they arrive. 

  5) Is a recommendation letter mandatory to submit for the scholarship to be awarded? 

Yes, the submission of recommendation letter from at least three-person most familiar with your former studies, research interests, or work is mandatory. If your recommendation letter is not submitted during the applicable time, your scholarship application may be rejected and not reviewed further.