Registered Nursing [RN] Degree, Requirements, Tuition Cost, Jobs and Salary

About Registered Nursing [RN]


What is Registered Nursing [RN]?

Registered nursing (RN) is similar to nursing who holds a nursing diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and has been passed the NCLEX-RN exam administered by the Council of State Boards of Nursing and will meet all the other licensing requirements mandated by their state’s board of nursing.

After the student completes Registered nursing one can become a nurse in any field. They hold responsibility higher than doctors. They can work directly with patients or indirectly by collaborating with the interdisciplinary team or others involved in healthcare to help patients.

Providing the needful to a patient, not only physically but also based on psychological, sociocultural, spiritual and lifestyle factors. One uses clinical judgment to diagnose the needs of the patient.

Mainly a nurse establishes a care plan for the patient by choosing a measurable and achievable short- and long-term goals for the patient based on the assessment and diagnosis.

A nurse also evaluates the patient’s status and the effectiveness of the diagnosis and updates the specific information. Following are the duties a Registered nurse has to perform:

  • On a daily basis recording patients’ medical histories and symptoms.

  • Administering medicines and treatments to the patients.

  • Establishing or contributing to plans of care made by the doctors.

  • Collaborating with doctors and other healthcare professionals for discussion to improve patients health.

  • Monitoring medical equipment and other equipment.

  • Helping with diagnostic tests, recording it and analyze it.

  • Educating patients and teaching patients and their families how to manage illnesses.

Online Education in Registered Nursing [RN]

  • Online course in nursing won’t make you a Registered Nurse.

  • You have to get licensed by the state after completion of RN training and clear National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-RN.

  • RN designation refers to a professional license in nursing rather than a graduate degree

  • Online RN programs may help you to clear NCLEX exam.

  • If you learn course through online, you will complete the non-clinical portion of your nursing school in lesser time duration.

Why study Registered Nursing [RN]

  • You acquire a high-level dignity and respect.

  • It helps you gain patience.

  • You acquire other qualities like helping, humble nature.

  • You receive high salary.

  • Nurses can be entrepreneurs.

Specializations in Registered Nursing [RN]

  • Rehabilitation Nursing- this field deals with nursing rehabilitation and drug addicts.

  • HIV/AIDS Care Nursing- this is mainly for HIV positive patients and other inflectional illness.

  • Psychiatric Nursing- it is nursing for general nursing.

  • Paediatric Oncology Nursing- it is a study of kids and young children.

  • Ambulatory Care Nursing-this refers to the caring and nursing in emergency cases, ambulance.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing-it is nursing for new-born infants.

  • Critical Care Nursing- it deals with nursing for critical cases or ICU’s.

  • Nurse Researcher –Nurse Research refers to the research of different kinds of illness and diseases.

Where can you work?

  • Physician's office: you can work in a physician’s office or a clinic.

  • Hospitals: you can work as a nurse in hospitals.

  • Nursing homes: one can work in nursing homes and provide care for pregnant women.

  • Home health care services: nursing can be accessed door to door.

  • Military nursing: one can work as a nurse in armed forces also, one such is military.


Nursing is a great job to work; they are involved in life-saving opportunities. Not all will be able to find interest in such jobs. People who are really interested to be a nurse should pursue relevant education and be one. In this article, we talk about the online courses, skills and job opportunities for a registered nurse.

Average Tuition and Cost for Registered Nursing [RN] Degrees

Degree type Total Tuition Tuition Per Credit
Bachelors $ 36336 $ 465
Associate $ 12283 $ 5632
Masters $ 30681 $ 657
Doctorate $ 32149 $ 573

Accreditation for Registered Nursing [RN]

Colleges Offering Registered Nursing [RN] Programs and Degrees

Capella University

Capella University

225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-3389

Aspen University

Aspen University

1660 S. Albion St., Suite 525 Denver, Colorado 80222

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU)

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU)

4201 South Washington Street, Marion, Indiana 46953-4974

Chamberlain University

Chamberlain University

1221 N. Swift Road, Addison, Illinois 60101

Drexel University Online

Drexel University Online

3141 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Excelsior College

Excelsior College

7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159

Ferris State University

Ferris State University

410 Oak Street, ALU 117 Big Rapids MI 49307

Spring Hill College (SHC)

Spring Hill College (SHC)

4000 Dauphin St Mobile, AL 36608-1791

Union University

Union University

1050 Union University Drive Jackson, TN 38305