About the Scholarship

FBEF Forgivable Loan Scholarship is sponsored by the Florida Bankers Educational Foundation (FBEF). The organization was formed in 1956 and proving with financial assistance and funds to Florida bank employees who want to advance their careers through education. Forgivable loans were started to provide financial assistance to college juniors, seniors or graduate students who are planning to continue working in the Florida banking industry based on their graduation. 


How to apply for the FBEF Forgivable Loan Scholarship?

  • Students who apply for this scholarship must have completed their FAFSA application in order to receive this grant.

  • Students applying for this grant must have been employed at least part-time by a Florida bank trust company. 

  • Undergraduate applicants must have been employed for two years prior to application and graduate applicants must have been employed for five years prior to application.

  • Official transcript and ACT/SAT scorecards must be submitted by the applicants.


FBEF Forgivable Loan Scholarship award amounts to

  • This scholarship provides $5000 annually which is nonrenewable.

  • The total number of awards offered by this scholarship varies depending on the student's availability and available funds.


Deadline information

The students are informed to submit their application by the end of August 01, 2020, along with their required applications. Applications and other related informations are available on the Florida Bankers Educational Foundation (FBEF) website.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be an undergraduate student or graduate student.

  • Applicant must attend a university, a four-year college or two-year college.

  • Applicant should have a minimum of  2.5 GPA.

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