About the Scholarship

To make it easier for the women residing or seeking education at an institution in Alabama, Linly Heflin Scholarship is provided to those who are seeking an undergraduate degree in four-year accredited colleges and universities of the state.

The recipient of the scholarship is expected to remain in good academic standing throughout the period of the scholarship. End semester grades, as well as other grades of each semester, is to be sent to the organization.

The scholarship award is provided to meet the different educational expenses such as tuition and fees, books, or the accommodation provided by the college.

Linly Heflin Scholarship Amount and Awards

  • The scholarship award amounts to $7000 per year until the end of the academic program or for four years.

  • The recipients receive an amount of $3500 per semester for eight semesters. This fund is to be utilized within the five years of issuing and cannot be used for post-graduation.

  • The fund is sent to the educational institution the recipient is enrolled in.

Linly Heflin Scholarship Basic Requirements

  • The applicant must be female students who are enrolled in any four-year college or university of Alabama accredited by one of the accrediting organization.

  • The student must be enrolled as full-time with 12 hours at least, per semester.

  • The student should maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in order to keep the scholarship. In case the GPA is not according to the criteria, the scholarship will be terminated.

  • The organization must be informed if there is a change in the contact information or college status.

Linly Heflin Scholarship Deadline

The application must be submitted before 10th January. No application in any form will be received after the last date.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a female from Alabama.

  • Be a United States citizen.

  • Recipients must have a minimum ACT score of 23.

  • Recipients must have documented financial need and academic proficiency.

  • Applicants may be single or married.

  • Maintain at least a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

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