About the Scholarship

The organization offering this scholarship is  Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian. The motivation behind this scholarship is to reward a select number of merit students for their scholarly and individual accomplishments. Notwithstanding academic achievements, the scholarship provider is looking for candidates who have exhibited a commitment to their heritage, community, and society. Persistence, dedication, idealism, perseverance, success, and humility are just some of the characteristics which the scholarship provider had as a top priority when planning this scholarship. Note that this scholarship won't be granted exclusively based on grade point normal or monetary hardship. The scholarship provider is looking for the most meriting applicants dependent on a large number of elements. Applications will be assessed and ranked on a rolling basis. Results will be declared at the latest July 31 and posted on the web. A total of 5 awards are offered annually.

Application guidelines:

  • Applications are found online on the Margarian Law website. In

  • A resume that includes all relevant information such as grade point average, awards, prizes, publications, presentations, community/organization involvement, extracurricular activities, language proficiency, and other skills.

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Official transcripts for all programs which he/she has completed.

  • 3 essays addressing the topics listed on the application.

  • 3 letters of recommendation.

  • Candidate should also submit a photograph, which is to is used in the event, if he/she is a scholarship recipient by email to scholarship@margarianlaw.com.

Award amount:

The amount of award is $1000 annually, which is non-renewable.

Basically a cheque will be given to the selected candidate and previous recipients can also reapply.

Deadline information:

The deadline for this amazing opportunity is on July 31st.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate should be a high school junior or senior while applying, he can also be a graduate or undergraduate student.

  • This award is for both national and international students.

  • Candidates must exhibit descent excellency in education.

  • All the required documents must be submitted prior to the deadline.

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