About the Scholarship

The organization behind this scholarship is P.E.O. Sisterhood, the main moto behind these scholarships is to provide financial help to selected women from other countries who want to pursue Graduate studies in United States and Canada.

The International Peace Scholarship Fund was established in 1949, the members of this organization believe the education is key to world peace.

Want to apply? 

  • Candidates applying are supposed to comply with a specific condition which states that, upon successful completion of the degree program, candidates are obliged to return to their home country with 60 days, depending on her visa status and start their professional career.

  • Applicants are instructed to show adequate proof of additional source of finance to meet their other expenses

  • Prior to application process, students are required to fill the eligibility form which will be available on the P.E.O website, the Application form will not be issued before the completion and evaluation of eligibility form, Applications will be allowed for only those Candidates whose eligibility is established.

  • The completed application is supposed to get submitted before March 1st.

  • Admission confirmation from university and income verification must be received before April 1st.


  • Any applications which are received either before September 15 ore November 15 will not be considered.

Scholarship worth :

The awarded amount will be up to $10,000 and renewable

In case of renewal, after meeting all the eligibility requirements the amount will be distributed in two equal installments, in August and December. the amount should only be used for tuition, maintenance, and other incidental expenses.


Applicants are supposed to hurry up and submit all the required documents as the deadline is approaching, which will be on December 15.



Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must either be a citizen or a permanent resident of any country except the USA and Canada

  • Only females.

  • Candidates are supposed to be full-time students.

  • Candidates must be currently pursuing their graduate school, having a full year of coursework, which is remaining and should be enrolled in the campus for an entire school year at the time of application.

  • The award is only open for international students.

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