About the Scholarship

The S.E.T Educational Funds was established in the Michigan region in the year 1998 so as to aid the natives of Michigan to pursue their higher education.

Their aim is always to help community-minded students or individuals who have shown exceptional performance in academics and have helped others in times of need and despair.

The SET Educational Fund Scholarship is the initiative of the SET Fund Organization which awards this scholarship to the talented and the deserving candidates in the Michigan state of the United States.

It is awarded annually to the students to cater to the educational needs of the students to seamlessly continue their education. The scholarship amounts to about $5000 annually.

Objective of S.E.T Educational Fund Scholarship

  • The motto of the scholarship is to increase the bond among the Michigan community by offering them financial aid in the form of scholarships and they have been successful in achieving their goals by offering over 16 scholarships to all the deserving students.

  • As a result, Michigan has observed an exponential growth in the graduation rate which is around 90% and they are striving to achieve the same in the years to complete.

Please note - In order to avail this facility, students must be able to explain the financial need, has to provide a history of community service, should prove residency in Michigan and enrollment at an accredited college/university in Michigan. The scholarship is only for graduates.

Benefits of S.E.T

  • The S.E.T educational fund helps the local community, the local colleges/universities, and the businesses looking for an educated workforce by giving out 2 scholarships of $5500 each!

  • Under any circumstance, if any candidate receives the benefits of the S.E.T scholarship by furnishing false or incorrect information then he/she is penalized and is obliged to pay back the full amount in addition to the costs incurred at the judicial court and also the interest levied calculated from the date of sanction.

  • The application deadline date has not yet been finalized for this year but is expected to remain the same as last year. Please check out the official website for the dates.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The students must be able to display financial need, give a history of community service and prove that he/she is a resident of Michigan.

  • The student should be enrolled at an eligible institution. 

  • Letter from a non-family member stating community service performed by the applicant. Please be specific about the time and/or accomplishments of the applicant.

  • Copy of Michigan's driver's license or picture ID showing proof of Michigan residence.

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