About the Scholarship

Clemson University accredits the Lyceum Scholars Program. The foundation was started by Thomas Green Clemson in the year 1889. The foundation was started to help hands for those students who are in financial need for their education and tuition fees. Lyceum Scholars Program is open to all incoming freshmen, the Lyceum Scholars Program is the first college program in the US to use a Great Books approach to studying liberty, capitalism, the American Founding, and moral character. The Lyceum Scholars program draws motivation from the Lyceum School established by Aristotle.

How to apply for The Lyceum Scholars Program?

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by the applicants claiming for this scholarship.

  • The applicant applying for this scholarship must have to be admitted into Clemson University.

  • The students who take part in this program will be required to take a particular Lyceum study class every semester they are selected by the Clemson.


Lyceum Scholars Program amounts to

  • This scholarship provides $2500 annually which is renewable for 3 additional years

  • This scholarship award offers 20 awards annually on approximation.


Deadline information

The scholarship deadlines by the end of December 11, 2020. Applications are available on the official website of Clemson University.



Eligibility Criteria

  • Those interested in becoming Lyceum Scholars should apply in their senior year of high school to Clemson University and to the Lyceum Scholars Program.

  • All Lyceum Scholars are assigned faculty "Socratic Tutors" who guide their intellectual development for their entire four-year education.

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