Firstmark Student Loans Servicer Review

Learn all about Firstmark Loan Student Loan Services, reviews, complaints, and more regarding student loan servicing. Also, learn about STAR solutions.

Updated by Sharan Kumar on 28th September 2020

For most of the college students, Firstmark student loan services will be their way to debt-free living. Federal loans do not always cover the whole cost of a college education in most cases, and to deal with these, students are required to take out private loans.

Instead of making the loan payment collection themselves from the students, most of the private lenders hire some third party loan servicers to get this task done and Firstmark is one of those few loan servicers.

If you currently have a Federal student loan, then you might already be familiar with Firstmark's other name or their parent company, Nelnet, which services student loans of over 5 million student loan borrowers.

The major difference that sets these two apart is that, Nelnet services student loans of many kinds but Firstmark services only private student loans.

Most private lenders prefer to focus on lending money instead of handling the payments or providing customer care which turns out to be a bit of a hassle, hence, they partner with firms such as Firstmark who are servicers who usually deal with all the customer interactions.

If your student loan lender is currently employing Firstmark as a mode of collecting your payments, then here are the things you should know.

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Firstmark services student loans reviews

One of your best bets on figuring out what it is like to work with a company is to see what the customers that have worked with them previously have to say about the said company. If you are in touch with someone or if anybody that you know has already worked with Firstmark, you could ask them about Firstmark's customer service.

  1. You could also do some of your digging on social media about Firstmark to figure out what the public has to say about them in the past with their experiences. For example on Facebook and more. Firstmark servicers work with lenders like Brazos, Citizens Bank, CommonBond, Mpower Financing. 

  2. The Better Business Bureau, which is one of the few companies that collects and consolidates reviews and complaints about companies, has anointed Firstmark a services B+ rating.

  3. There have been around 60 complaints that were filed against Firstmark, and the website has a total of 30 odd customer reviews which should be able to light up some of the concerns regarding those that customers that have dealt with Firstmark could have had.

How does Firstmark help student loan borrowers

First of all, what you need to understand is that Firstmark is not your student loan lender nor are they the issuer of your student loan. Firstmark college student loan payments on behalf of the banks. The private lenders partner with Firstmark to focus more on new loan borrowers. 

Your lender usually will be the one that decides the terms on which your student loan will be given out and handled. It handles the factors such as your interest rate, the repayment plan, and the term duration over which the repayment will take place. On these bases, Firstmark carries out its services. It also services old and new refinanced loans. 

Firstmark works as a partner along with you to make sure that -

  • You get help to be able to repay your loans on a timely basis

  • Your payments are collected

  • Be able to clear any questions or doubts you have regarding anything concerning your loan.

If you are unsure of whether Firstmark is who you are supposed to work with, in regards to your private student loan servicer, you should be able to check a recent payment stub or a recent student loan statement or just call up your lender and ask them. You can also check up on your credit report to have a look at who services your student loan.

Once you are sure that Firstmark is the one you should be looking at regarding your student loan servicer, you should get in touch with them for any of your queries regarding your student loan, its repayment, and more.

Think of Firstmark as the middleman that connects you and your student loan lender and also in some ways help you in paying off the debts that you have in terms of private student loans, as soon and as efficiently as possible.


If you like to have Firstmark as your servicer, check the below :

  • If you have directly borrowed or a co-borrower of loans

  • Depends on the choice of your school

  • Credit history matters 

You must qualify for the above criteria to have Firstmark as your servicer.

Getting the Firstmark account

Since Firstmark is more of a customer-centered company, they offer their customers multiple avenues in terms of getting in touch with them.

The easiest way for you to start paying back your private student loans is by getting yourself an account with Firstmark online -

  • To get this done you need to go to and get registered as a borrower

  • You will be required to fill your full name, DOB, Social Security Number, and email address which will be used to contact you

  • You will then be able to make an account with a username and password

  • You can then make payments to Firstmark Services. You can make your mail payments through Firstmark Services P.O. Box 2977, Omaha, NE 68103-2977

  • You can reach them by phone as well. 

It includes things such as being able to contact them through a member of the customer service through a phone call, or an email, and if nothing works out, you can try through a written correspondence too.

Firstmark Loan Servicing solution

Firstmark provides the flexibility required to repay loans and market them. Star is the loan servicing solution provided by the organization which can be easily customized. It efficiently helps the borrowers and clients to manage unsecured loans. The company also looks towards providing a process-centered approach and accountability.

Following are the benefits of Firstmark's STAR solutions for loan servicing -

  • Borrowers can easily access online account information and can make payments online

  • Get indulged with the HELOS System (origination system of Firstmark)

  • Fit for a refinanced loan, consumer loan and school-certified loans

  • Custom configuration available for borrowers/clients for management of payments

  • Customization of loan programs available.

These factors must help you decide whether you would like your loans to be handled by Firstmark servicers. 

Contact information

For further queries, feedback or services you can reach First loan servicer via 

Phone #: 888-538-7378

Fax: 866-258- 9233

Email: [email protected]

Getting out of private student loans can be painful, but with some thought and some patience and persistence along with some strategic planning, it is a task that can be accomplished.

Consider Firstmark services as a partner in your endeavor or quest in paying off your private student loans, while you step towards a more secure and strong financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What is STAR?

    STAR is the loan servicing solution provided by Firstmark and it is customizable and reliable.

  • 2.How do I service unsecured loan portfolios?

    STAR, which is a loan servicing solution provided by Firstmark can help service unsecured loan portfolios.

  • 3.How do I make changes to my Auto Debit account information?

    You can change the payment amount, banking information and add new loans to Auto Debit through the website by clicking on Payments > Auto Debit.

  • 4.What if I schedule a payment while enrolled in Auto Debit?

    If you are currently enrolled in Auto Debit and schedule a payment, both payments will draft from your account. Extra payment amounts will be applied to your loan(s) according to our payment allocation methodology.