Nelnet Student Loan Servicing Review

You can't pick your student loan servicer, it's mostly using the most with what you've got. Here is an in dept review for those who got Nelnet as their loan servicer. Got a complaint? Here is how you can file a complaint against Nelnet.

Updated by Priya Shah on 23rd December 2019

Nelnet is a service company that helps in passing and collection of loans. Nelnet company is headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska. It is a public company, which basically deals with student educational financial service. This company provides a number of services for loan borrowers, technology-related loan customer service, regarding payment of student tuition, and payments regarding education planning tools. 

The main track of Nelnet is to provide customer service for a student loan, help to borrow the loan and outsourcing services. Through Nelnet, a student can reach for college and graduate schools and learn further about the process of loans, payments, scholarships, and other requirements related to money.

Nelnet company not only provide loans but also keep a track of all records related to money. Getting a loan for studies sometimes sucks due to various procedures of loan processing.  Nelnet is one of the nine federal student loan servicers that keeps a track and record of money lent and borrowed payments. 

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What to do if Nelnet is your servicer?

We are not the one who is choosing the service of federal government loan but instead, U.S. Department of Education allocates the loan servicer to us. Let’s know what can be done in order to go with the flow of services.

Who are they and what they do?

They are a us-based company that is assigned by the U.S. Department of education that keeps track of all money transactions and loans that are significantly assigned to the individual for a loan disbursed to your college for a very particular time. It keeps a record of all money transaction loans, bills paid every month.

For beginners, those who are freshers and have no idea of what to do can go to their servicer or even log in to My Federal Student Aid to get to know about it.  These services will always be there to help you is a great way to keep track, it is advised to have an in depth knowledge on how to use studentloans gov to get the most of it.

Every servicer has specific terms that may offer choices that are best for the company but don’t have the best interests in mind for the borrower.

Nelnet is one of the companies which provide service for federal student loans by keeping an eye on all the recorded payments. 

Here are some points that will help you out if you get Nelnet as your servicer -

  • Online registration for detailed info: The very first process of accessing the account can be done online in order to contact Nelnet, and getting the track of all our daily transactions as well as monthly transactions too. We can access our monthly bills and transactions.

  •  Autopayment deductions:  Nelnet can not only help to access and monitor the transaction but can deduct the payments automatically and the plus point is you don’t have to keep track of all the transactions which will be done automatically every month, along with this after signing benefit for autopay which will reduce your interest rate by 0.25% which can be a great benefit.

  • Income-driven repayment: This is an option of paying off the loan as per individual income salary, that is for eg, two-person has borrowed some amount of money although they have different salary as A have 20000 salary and have to pay 15000 as loan amount every month and B have a salary of 65000 and have to pay the same amount 15000 than that won’t be problem for B and can easily pay that amount of money, but A can get some problem for paying 15000 per month. So you can request for the new income-driven repayment, which limits the payment according to your salary that is you have to pay a certain percentage of payment on your salary and won’t be a burden of paying a fixed amount but can be commenced as per salary.

  • Request for Deferment and forbearance:  it is a time period given to make arrangements for your payments in order to avoid default. For the services of Nelnet, it can be considered as very beneficial as we can request for the deferment and forbearance when we are not sure of making payments as after the advisory note.It can help to stop the temporary payments which help you to avoid default. But one point should be in consideration that interest for the loan amount will continue to build. 

  • Procedure for extra payments: making extra payments for the monthly balance is very up to you. you are not forced to pay any sort of extra amount but in case if you want to pay extra installments, you need to instruct Nelnet online or phone or mail SMS whatever is suitable for you to apply extra payments to the current balance instead of paying it next month.

Major complaints about Nelnet services

A complaint is dropped only when you are not able to solve your issue and having trouble depending upon representatives anonymous simultaneously, It harder when you have got a unique need or situation that is difficult with the confined situation of your Nelnet student loan payment.

On the other portfolio if you are a kind of creative optimistic you can enhance more strategies that could further optimize your experience. But before getting into any service its always helpful to assess the broader picture of the ground as a student loan servicer. In order to get the proper figure of the financial intensive there for employees. 

As per the survey, Nelnet is rated 3.3. Out of 5 that is the reader who responded. But on top of that it varies, depending on the interaction and contact they do have but some of them ended up costing borrowers more money.

Some of the top trending complaints that often come from are :

1) Consumer service: the one managing the sort list of problems overall are the service provided regarding various gaps problems, confusion, etc. so basically the focus of customer service is to give priority on both negative and positive responses that invariably received. The motive is not just to sit in a cabin and see the reaction of the customer’s responses, but owning a big million company heads you to target on some sort of better that the company would make money out of you.

The reviews of customer do variably impact the specific information that whether are about loans or any function of the company.  Sometimes Reviews can give a hard time getting specific information about particular rather than getting generic largely useless over the area. 

2) Communication: Student loans are a complicated product and for one who is interested in taking these loans to assist them has to get a clear cut understanding of what they are getting into. Communication plays a key role in getting the right loan and during the repayment journey as well.

3) Payments: According to the department of education, all servicers must honor the grace period which starts after the completion of graduation. That is when the student starts earning so that they don’t get any default

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How to file a complaint with the Nelnet advocate?

If you need to file a complaint about Nelnet, you can do so with the Nelnet ombudsman. Here’s the Nelnet phone number, address, and email address:

Nelnet Guarantor Solutions

P.O. Box 82561 Lincoln, NE 68501-2561

Phone: (888) 486-4722


Unless my loans are paid off am I stuck with Nelnet?

First thing you need to know about loans is that the amount which lender provides has a  two-way benefit, that is to fulfill the requirement of the borrower by providing a loan in order to pay off for the education whereas on the other hand it is provided to gain a large amount of interest. 

So loans are sometimes transferred from one other by the entity of the department of education.  When you are interested in any sort of requirement we get multiple notifications. Like if you wanna join any bachelor college for graduation, you applied for only one college but you will get a notification from various colleges.

Unless you won’t pay the loan installment to Nelnet that you borrowed from that service company you will be part of Nelnet. Otherwise, Unless you switch the servicer, where the service from each student loan servicer varies from one to another.  That is what makes the difference in managing the payments for various service delivery.

What if you’re not happy working with the Nelnet?

We don’t have a say in choosing our student loan servicer, so unfortunately if we are not happy with the loan servicing, our option of the choice is somewhat limited, regarding some of the options :

  • Try paying off your loan as soon as possible in order to be relieved from the loan, but it is easier said than done. If it would be that easy to do no one would carry much debt as they have to and everyone would be out of debt with wings on the back. 

  • The other option that we can do is refinance your loan if you think that you absolutely can’t stand them anymore.  You can refinance your student loans with any sort of private student loan company, which can be a better option. After refinancing the federal loans changes to private loans, which means they come with way fewer protections and benefits. 

Your student loan servicer is a crucial part of your student loan repayment journey, if given the scenario that you cannot stand them before you take the extreme decision of refinancing and letting go of them completely it is advised to reach out to them and express your concern.