What are Public Colleges?

Public Colleges and Universities tend to produce a large number of student populations in the United States. Public College benefits make them student friendly. To know more about this topic, stay on this page.

Posted by Navya B on 4th April 2018

What are Public Colleges?

  • Public Colleges are institutions maintained and superintendent by public funds and organizations. They purely work for the public growth and improvisation.

  • The federal and state governments operate the public Colleges/Universities.

  • Public Colleges are popular for the courses they offer, for example, University of California- Los Angeles offers more than 3000 courses.

  • These colleges work for the public, with lower education costs and other facilities.

Courses Offered by Public Colleges

  • Public Colleges offers traditional courses as well as online courses in almost all streams.

  • Undergraduate, Graduate and postgraduate courses will be found in any Public College.

  • The following tables will guide you more on the degree courses and certificate courses.

Degree Levels Certificate Programs
Associate Degree Undergraduate Certificate
Bachelor Degree Graduate Certificate
Master Degree Post Baccalaureate Certificate
Doctorate Degree Post Master Certificate

Difference between Public and Private Colleges

  • Private Colleges and Public Colleges mainly differ in the funding’s.

  • Public Colleges are operated by State governments and Private Colleges are governed by Private Organizations.

  • Public Universities/Colleges provide more courses compared to the Private Colleges.

  • The class size is kept smaller in private colleges whereas its opposite in the Public Colleges

  • The environment, culture, experience of Public and Private Colleges are completely different.

List of Public Colleges

Alabama State University University of Arkansas
California State University, Los Angeles San Diego State University
Emporia State University Colorado State University
University of Delaware Daytona State University
Florida Atlantic University University of Florida

Benefits of attending Public Colleges

  • Public Universities/Colleges costs are lower, including tuition fee and other academic fees.

  • Students can enjoy with a diverse population of students with various talents.

  • Public Universities/colleges offer variety and various types of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

  • Public Universities offer many program courses and the rare ones too.

  • You will get to see a large crowd of students with a huge campus.

  • Public colleges not only provide education, they focus on students participating in the sports and co-circular activities.

  • Only the best of companies approach public colleges for placements.


Public and Private colleges compete in many ways to become the best and possess many differences. Nearly 50% of the colleges in the US are public and students enjoy the environment and learning methods in these colleges.