Alternative Careers For Lawyers

What if you are not a lawyer? In this article find more what a lawyer can be if not that profession.

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30th March 2020

Are you a lawyer or a student pursuing law looking for alternate career choices? If yes, you guys are on the right page to know more options that are available for you. 

Here is an article of ours to give you a brief note on a different job opportunity in various fields.

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Important Questions to Ask Yourself

You should be questioning yourself these questions before joining a law university in order to know the alternative careers or before quitting a lawyer profession and switch to other career choices and here the most important 5 questions to ask yourselves in both the cases.

What will be the worst-case situation?

Once you make a risk assessment of yourself, you will clearly know the worst scenario that can take place so that you will be ready to face it which means asking yourself doubts to be confident and also be self-motivated.

What are the fields you can become an expert in?

Understand on which you can invest your time and money on learning something different from law and figure out if it will really make you feel satisfies and happy. 

What is the skill level you require when you change your career?

Analyze how good your skills and also know at what level you are right now in order to make the right decision regarding the alternate career that you are aspiring to get in to. 

How can you come back’ in your worst-case scenario in a good way? 

The worst case of working in the law, even if not as an associate again, was still a much better case than many. So always have a backup plan.

What masters can help you grow skills that are required?

It is the age of the internet and you can find n number of experts who will be ready to help you or give you assistance on methods to enhance your skills and how to utilize it when required.

Alternative career options for lawyers

It is always considered to be a good idea to have a backup plan while you are working or studying. There are many examples of students studying something and their profession will be nothing related to it. For instance, a student who completed engineering in a prestigious university can be an actor or a painter, you never know what is waiting for you. So here are a few alternate career choices you can make.

Startup Business

Law is a great business but think hard about what you can do in law with your new idea or venture or you might have a completely different business plan which does not involve law, it is fine. Be confident and go for it, but it is better to have a backup plan as well if the doesn’t work according to your plan. 

Regulatory Investigation Work 

It is another alternative career option for lawyers. Many government agencies have large investigation teams that work on physical investigations and policy matters. There are many options for Australian lawyers which include the ACCC, ASIC, Federal Police, and the ATO, and more.


Journalism is a task for someone who has spent years collecting information and writing. Lawyers will also have investigatory skills and an interest in telling somebody's stories. It is a great way to restart your profession as a journalist as there are various opportunities if you are ready to start at the beginning. 

Real Estate Broker

Property values are increasing which means it is the best time to become a broker especially if you have a law background. Your ability to understand contractual and judicial issues makes it even more helpful to both your clients and the real estate experts with whom you work.

Account Manager/Project Manager

If you are outspoken and have good interrelationship skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills, management in an industry like NewLaw is another option you can consider. In the typical manager role, you will have to manage and maintain all the existing client relationships and be a mediator between the client and the project team. The skills mentioned above are required for both the manager detailing. 


Legal recruiting is an occupied and highly profitable business, but it is also very stable and tends to transform inclinations in the economy. Although, law firms always require specialized lawyers, and recruiters are their link to finding those indicators in the current stack of applicants.

Contract Manager

You will be considered as the best one to manage thousands of contracts as you are an expert in enlisting them. Many large-scale organizations have contract managers and procurement managers who consult and are responsible for almost all the contracts.


So yes guys this option is for people who love teaching. It need not be a college professor, you can work for small primary schools if you love spending time with kids. You can participate in many other activities on the campus of the school, it will fun for sure.


Writing is one of the most important skills you can learn at any point of age. Many people will definitely have something in their minds every time they go for a tour or any experience they had which was special for them which they will be wanting to write and publish but would have never got a chance to do that. This can be a profession for those of you people who are like we told earlier. Improve your writing skills and start writing, who knows you might become one of the best fiction writers. 

Other career option

  • Business Development Manager

  • Digital Marketing

  • Investment Banker

  • Contract Manager

  • Mediator

  • Artist

  • Politician

  • Law Firm Administrator

  • Legal Advisor

  • Law Professor

  • Content Writer/Copywriter

  • Librarian

  • Foreign Service Agent

Books About Alternative Careers for Lawyers

  • Life After Law: Finding Work You Love with the J.D. You Have, by Liz Brown (2013). 

  • The Unhappy Lawyer: A Roadmap to Finding Meaningful Work Outside of the Law, by Monica Parker (2008). 

  • The Official Guide to Legal Specialties (Career Guides), by the National Association of Law Placement (2008).

  • What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers, by Richard N. Bolles (2017).

  • ‘What Can You Do with a Law Degree?’ book, by Larry Richard (2012).

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