American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA)

American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education is a association for promoting veterinary education all around, striving to give whole benefit to the animal welfare and well being of both animals and human beings.

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16th November 2021

American Veterinary Medical Association Council is a not-for-profit association that aims to accredit institutions across the United States offering a Professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. The accrediting agency is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

The Association was established in 1863 and holds the membership of more than 80,000 veterinarians, in the private and public sectors. The association also provides professional advice form pet-experts. The ‘Experts in Residence’  program of the association provides accurate and credible information in animal care.

The US Secretary of Education has recognized the AVMA. The Council of Education has also recognized the contributions of the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA). The Council of Education also helps the unaccredited programs of colleges to get accredited by the AVMA.

The product and services of the Association are entirely dedicated to the welfare of animals. The organization recognizes the important roles played by animals in our ecosystem. A few of the other services of the organization include the distribution of accreditation and certification programs. The organization believes in the upbringing of the connected lives of animals and human beings.


Guiding Values and principles of AVMA

The mission of the organization is to develop into a leading accreditation brand that prices animal and human health. The organization is based on ethical, inclusive, science-based, animal-focused, member-centric, supportive, fiscally responsible, and, innovative values. The working of the community is diverse and is improved based on the needs of the members. The community has invested immensely in the development of its members.

Eligibility requirements for colleges and universities for AVMA accreditation

The following are the accreditation standards for AVMA accreditation-

  • Any territorial or national accrediting agency should have accredited the institution trying for the accreditation. The school should have exhibited note-worthy academic administration with its own name, status, and, acknowledgment status.

  • The CEO or the answerable authority should be a veterinarian and should hold budgetary control for the benchmarks.

  • There should be a sufficient number of regulatory staff who are veterinarians and are in charge of the regulatory affairs of the institution.

  • The instructive projects that are developed should be financially supported by the institution.

  • The well-being of the general population and the creatures should be ensured by the general population. The classrooms, research labs and other infrastructure should be kept in a decent position and repaired.

  • To facilitate better research, the institution should have a veterinary healing facility. Regardless of whether it isn't there, there ought to be a tie-up or association with an off-grounds office for instructing and practice.

  • Animals that are lodged on campus, for research purposes, should be adequate in number and should legitimately be taken care of as per the animal welfare principles.

  • There should be sufficient data available for understudies and expert preparation.

  • To strengthen the expert programs, there should be rooms open for the entry-level, residency, and propelled degrees.

  • Sufficient time and resources should be allotted to enhance the research initiatives at the institution.

The decision making bodies of AVMA

The AVMA top-notch officers consist of President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Board of Directors Chair, Board of Directors Vice-Chair, Executive Vice President, and Assistant Executive Vice President.

The AVMA is administered by the Board of Directors. The board is an 18-member association which includes The President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Treasurer (non-voting), 1 representative from every 11 geographic districts, the House Advisory Committee Chair (non-voting), and the student AVMA President.

70 state and territorial medical groups have together combined to create the AVMA House of Delegates.

The House Advisory Committee consists of seven members elected by the House of Delegates to advise and make recommendations to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors. They also help in reviewing the qualifications of the candidates for the position of President, Vice-president, President-Elect, Councils, and the House Advisory Committee. 

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AVMA’s strategic directions for student success

There are several programs initiated by the AVMA to enhance research and veterinary learning. A few initiatives from the Association are as given below.

  • There are opportunities offered by AVMA for veterinarians and veterinary students who want to travel abroad for veterinary research, education or to donate supplies, equipment, and textbooks to other underprivileged students or doctors.

  • There is a student externship locator facility on the AVMA website for the students can look for projects or internships to work on by other institutions. There are options of State, Special interest, or schools and organizations link to click on and choose according to your needs.

Universities that are AVMA accredited

Some of the universities recognized by the AVMA are as given below.

Name of the Institution
Colorado State University University of Florida
University of Georgia University of Illinois
Purdue University Iowa State University
Louisiana State University Michigan State University


American Veterinary Medical Association offers accreditation to colleges and universities offering the doctor of veterinary medical educations or professional degrees. They are passionate to work for society and promote veterinary education to better the well-being of animals and humans. By being part of the organization, a member learns not just animal-care but develops an empathy for the whole of humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.what is the role of AVMA?

    AVMA plays an important role in improving animal and human health and helps to create veterinary professionals who are knowledgeable and dedicated to their professions. 

  • 2.Which professional body of AVMA is instrumental in granting accreditations? 

    The AVMA Council of education is responsible for accrediting veterinary science programs.

  • 3.Which is the other professional body responsible for veterinary medicine?

    Along with AVMA, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges are involved in improvising the veterinary standards. 

  • 4.Does AVMA offer scholarships?

    Yes, AVMA distributes scholarships including Merck Animal Veterinary Student Scholarship Program, Harold Zetterberg Foundation Scholarship Program, AVMA Legacy endowed scholarship program and many more.

  • 5.Which are the journals published by the AVMA?

    The AVMA publishes the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and  American Journal of Veterinary Research.

  • 6.Is there a student association for the AVMA?

    The student wing ofAVMA is known as the SAVMA - Student American Veterinary Medical Association.

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