Benefits of Earning a College Degree

Degree is what you need to get a job, enhance skills, and grow professionally. In this article, you'll learn about degrees, and benefits of having a college degree.

TCM Staff

31st March 2020

A lot of professions nowadays require higher education. Obtaining a college degree is valuable both professionally and personally. This end up in your dream career and get you all the success you wanted in your life. You earn a degree, you can get a job, buy a new house, and raise a family. This may not be that easy to earn a college degree, you efforts and passion are what it takes.

Earning a college degree makes you upgrade your skills, ability to handle the situation, and build your career. College education fetches you to get high paying jobs which make you stable in job and happiness.

Why is College Degree Important?

There are many benefits if you earn a college degree. Below are a few important things that explain why a college is important

College Grad Earns More on Average

Earning potential varies from person to person based upon their hard work and dedication. You can earn more income if you have a degree.

A degree, whether it may be a bachelors degree, master’s or a Ph.D., is the way to your career which demands skilled and high paying jobs.

According to U.S bureau labor statistics, workers with a bachelor's degree earned $461 per week and $50,000 per year and whereas a higher level degree earns on an average of $70,000 per annum.

College Grads Are Less Likely to Be Unemployed

If you are currently unemployed with a degree, this could be the right move for you. Having a degree leads to economic stability and success.

As per the guideline of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), only 2.5% of the workers with a bachelor’s degree were facing unemployment compared to 4.6% with a high school diploma.

The overall unemployment rate was 3.2%, so it’s easy to see why having a college degree can help keep you shielded from being unemployed.


Weekly earnings

Unemployment rate

Bachelor’s degree



Associate degree



Master’s degree



Professional degree



Doctoral degree



Some colleges, no degree



High school diploma, no college



Less than a high school diploma



College Grads are More Likely to Enjoy their Jobs and Be Happy

Want a career that makes you happy? According to a recent survey, individuals with a college degree tend to be happier. Whether it can be for higher income, a healthy environment, or simply for more education.

As we spend more time at work, it’s necessary to find the right job that keeps your motivation high. With more education, you can obtain more career opportunities to secure a job.

Higher Job Satisfaction and Security

Students don’t want a job to just pay all the bills, but they expect high career growth where they feel more happy, secure, and satisfied. Recent research showed that students with a bachelor’s degree pertain to longer job satisfaction.

If a company provides certain perks such as hikes, leave policies, higher pay, job security, and more would make the graduates feel happy and have an interest in working.

Percentage of employed students between the ages 25-32 with each education level


Bachelor’s degree

Two-year degree

High school graduate/less

They have a career track job




They have enough education and training to get ahead in their job




Very satisfied with the current job




Their education was very helpful for a job or career




Better Career Opportunity

Obtaining a degree is a pathway to your career. With the degree from an American University, you will have higher chances for your career with respect to your growth and economic stability.

Most of the students attending colleges don’t have any idea what to do after their education. But only a few students plan for their career to get a better job with a high salary and with complete job satisfaction.

Apart from training in your college, they will also make the students think analytically, understand the concepts and make you grow up with your own ideas.

This helps you in self-discipline, the ability to complete the given tasks, and organizing skills.

Chance to Work Abroad

There are many countries that don’t require a degree to work abroad, they offer work visas to stay for a longer period of time along with good pay. This doesn’t mean earning a higher degree is a waste of time, you will have more opportunity to expose yourself to landing a job abroad with higher salary expectations.

Holding a degree from an accredited university shows to the companies across the globe that you can speak English, stay dedicated and can create a good value to their organization.

Building Network

College is a place to build a relationship and connect with a greater number of people around you. Beyond friendship, this networking helps you when you enter into a job.

So, it is necessary to broaden your connections across the globe which will be needful for you at the time of job and any other issues.

College Grads Learn Life Skills

As a student, you will learn many things such as managing your time and spending with your family, maintaining a workload, concentrating on your job, and making time for your social life, there is a lot to experience to maintain when obtaining your degree.

You can also learn to balance your time, money-saving, working with your colleagues and so on.

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