Do You Need SAT Scores to Transfer Colleges?

Are you a Transferring Student? Then you'll to understand the following things. In this article, learn more about sat scores, transferring from one college to other.

Updated by Niharika Padiga on 26th March 2020

Most of the students ask about SAT scores if they are really required while transferring to other colleges. There is no answer for this question, but this article will provide you details about SAT scores for transfer applicants. 

It will also tell you about how much colleges pay attention to these SAT scores when they also have your grades from other colleges.

Do You Need to Submit SAT Scores?

SAT test scores are required but not mandatory. It depends on the college you apply to. Only a few colleges ask for standardized SAT from the applicants who have not finished the least number of credits. There are also other schools that don’t require scores for transfer applicants.

Most of the larger universities will waive of any test scores, but very limited colleges and need scores.

Additionally, on the off chance that you've been out of secondary school for over five years or if taking the SAT shows an undue budgetary weight, most schools will not ask for any SAT prerequisites.

List of Universities That Require SAT Score


Requires SAT?


CU Boulder


Exempt if you've completed at least 24 college credit hours



May submit testing waiver if taking the SAT/ACT will pose a hardship for you



Exempt if you graduated from high school at least five years before you intend to matriculate

Harvard University





Must send original high school scores

University of California



University of Illinois


Exempt if you've completed 30 college semester hours (but test scores are still recommended for under 59 graded credit hours)

University of Washington


Exempt if you have 40 or more transferable credits



Exempt if you've completed at least 30-semester units of college coursework

UT Austin



Research on the college website whether they are asking for SAT for transfer purposes. Few universities provide a specific page of standardized test scores. If you did not find any information about the scores, then check at their FAQ pages.

If you are still finding difficulty in getting the information about these test scores, then you can search directly on Google for "[University Name] transfer SAT scores." You should find some solution from this.

Additionally, if you need any information, you can always contact or email the university administration unit that works on solving students' queries.

In case you're moving from a community college, remember that your present college may have an ensured admission concurrence with the state college. These courses often don't require test scores from transfer candidates.

How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges?

Transferring SAT scores is easy! But it involves 2 major things.

  1. When have you made an attempt on the SAT?

  2. Which SAT scores will you send?

All the universities require an official test score report which has been directly sent from the University board. 

3 Ways to Send Your SAT Scores

  1. Login to the website to send SAT Scores for free 

  2. Send SAT score reports for a fee after you finish the test

  3. Request for an SAT rush order.

How Important are SAT Scores for Transfer Students?

Most of the colleges pay less attention to transfer students than a new member because they already had proof of ability to succeed: their marks memo (transcript).

Only a few colleges/universities ask for SAT and high school GPA generally, if an applicant is moving from one semester in a university or a year.

Only selective colleges tend to focus on these scores when compared to any other equal colleges. If you don’t have impressive scores, then the colleges judge more on these test scores.

If you are again worried about your SAT scores, then check if the college you have applied to provides a transfer applicant profile. This will show the 50% SAT and ACT scores for transfer applicants.

If you achieved a high SAT score, then you are worth transferring. If you get below the ideal score, you need to focus more on preparation time and take the SAT exam again.