Do You Need SAT Scores To Transfer Colleges?

Are you not aware if you need a SAT score to transfer colleges? Well, it depends on multiple factors. In this article, you will learn more about sat scores, and its requirement for transferring from one college to other.

TCM Staff

16th October 2020

However, figuring out requirements and formalities to transfer college can be a tiresome process. It is observed that the most common query is Do You Need SAT Scores to Transfer Colleges?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. It solely depends on the colleges you are planning to transfer to. Yet this article will help you understand the general approaches that the colleges follow while considering transfer applicants. Along with other necessary details about when and how important are the SAT scores when you have grades from your transferring college. 

Do You Need To Submit SAT Scores For College Transfer?

As mentioned earlier, it depends on the colleges to consider the SAT scores or not. Ideally, only a few colleges require SAT scores whereas, most of the big universities overlook SAT scores if you have completed the minimum required hour credits. 

 If you have earned an associate's degree, then it appears that you might not require an SAT score.

If you belong to a community school, then there are chances that your school has an “articulation agreement” with various universities. This kind of agreement facilitates a transfer of community college students if they fulfill the minimum requirements (GPA & credits). If that is the case then you might not require SAT scores in particular. To know more about this you might want to talk with your education counselor.  

Universities SAT Scores Needed? Additional Information
University of Illinois No Not needed if you have 30 college semester hours.

Yet it is recommended to have SAT scores if you have less than 59 hours of credit.
CU Boulder Yes Not needed if you have completed 24 college semester hours.
Harvard Yes Nil
University of Washington No Nil
USC No Not required if you’ve completed 30 hours of college credit hours
Georgetown Yes Not required if you’re graduated 5 years ago from the year you’re planning to transfer
NYU No not required if you have completed at least one year of liberal arts course work at an accredited institution
University of Chicago No Nil

 The chart above lists a range of universities that need or do not need SAT scores for transfer students. This will give you an idea about the various procedures that the colleges follow to consider transfer applicants. As you can see this chart is not complete and various universities follow different policies while accepting transfer students. It is recommended to research the university or college that you are willing to apply to as a transfer applicant.  

How Important Is It To Submit An SAT Score As A Transfer Applicant? 

Although there are very few colleges that weigh SAT scores heavily than the grades. Again this depends on the year you are planning to transfer. 

 If you have completed a single semester or a year in a college and are planning to transfer, then, in that case, the colleges will consider your SAT scores. But, if you are someone who is transferring after completing 2-years of an associate's program, then the colleges may not find your SAT scores so important. You might as well impress them with your grades in previous semesters.

 In short, the more away you are from high school, the fewer universities rely on them.

How To Send SAT Scores To Colleges?

Transferring SAT scores is easy! But it involves two major things.

  • When have you attempted on the SAT?

  • Which SAT scores will you send?

All the universities require an official test score report, that is from the University board. 

Process To Send Your SAT Scores

  • Login to the website to send SAT Scores for free 

  • Send SAT score reports for a fee after you complete the test

  • Request for an SAT rush order.

To understand and learn about the above process in detail, check out the complete guide on how to send SAT scores to colleges?


Whether or not an SAT score is needed, it is advisable to keep your SAT scores ready. Moreover, it is never too late to take the SAT. Subsequently, do thorough research about the college you are transferring to. Likewise, you can always reach out to the administration department for more such queries and further information. 

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