Does Ivy League Schools Provide Scholarships?

Does Ivy League Schools offer Scholarships? you would be happy to say that you're studying in a prestigious institutions and that too in a scholarship. Doesn't that sound great. Learn more on whether the Ivy League Schools provide Scholarships and how to get an Ivy League scholarship?

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27th October 2021

Does Ivy League Schools Provide Scholarships? It is a known fact that many students dream about getting into a top college regardless of their eligibility criteria and affordability of those college tuition fees. But, what happens if you can’t find any scholarships, Especially when you are considering getting into one of the colleges from the list of Ivy League colleges.

Ivy League does not provide any kind of athletic or academic-based scholarships, but they do provide need-based financial aid. In the later sections of this article, you will find the kinds of scholarships that Ivy league colleges offer. Along with the tuition fees and other costs required to get admission into an Ivy League school.

Scholarships And Ivy League Schools

Primarily, scholarships are rewards offered to students based on their academic, athletic, or any other achievement for that matter which constitutes merit-based scholarships. Another type of scholarship is need-based scholarships, they are offered to students, who cannot afford the cost of education due to their financial circumstances.

Besides, while considering Ivy League Schools, remember that they already have innumerable options to admit a well-qualified student. So, these elite colleges do not offer merit-based scholarships, rather they provide scholarships based on the student’s financial condition.

To make things clear, this financial assistance is for those who cannot pay for tuition but deserve admission to an Ivy League? This process makes it effortless to pursue their education without having to repay the amount received. Being said that, Ivy league schools offer a lot more need-based scholarships than other colleges and universities.

Cost To Attend Ivy League Schools

Before applying for an Ivy League School or seeking a scholarship to pay. You should be aware of the actual cost to attend an Ivy League School.

The following table has a list of colleges and the cost of tuition fees, room, and board.

How Is Financial Need Measured?

Generally, financial aid is calculated using the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and the COA (Cost of Attendance), mostly the financial need is calculated when the student fills the FAFSA form or upon completing the CSS Profile.

Usually, most of the students who aim for the Ivy League will complete their CSS Profile as an important component of their need calculation. 

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How To Get An Ivy League Scholarship?

Ivy league scholarship implies to the financial aid that is offered by all the Ivy League schools. To get financial aid from an Ivy League school, you must have a strong academic background with minimum GPA requirements for Ivy League colleges as well as fall under a particular annual income level. Below listed are a few vital points to keep in mind, if you aim for admission into an Ivy League school.

1. Acceptance For Scholarship

You need to get accepted for all the Ivy League school scholarships. As the process says, you will be recognized by many other universities for scholarship need, but for that to happen you should be accepted first.

2. Provide Documents To Show Need

To get accepted for financial aid, you will have to show the need for it. Keep the supporting documents from institutions that show the need for financial aid based on family income. As mentioned previously, most students who wish to apply to Ivy League schools fill the FAFSA form as an important requirement to get financial aid.

3. Strong Academic Background

If you wish to aim for the Ivy League school, then you should have a strong academic background. strong academic background means not only a higher GPA, but you should also focus on performing well persistently and most importantly maintain an academic rigor throughout. Learn more about What is academic rigor? Why is it so important?

4. High SAT Scores

Aim at getting a good SAT score. Ivy League schools do not provide any specific academic scholarship. However, they look for applicants with the potential to perform well and need for financial aid. So, take every opportunity to prove your potential. A high SAT score will showcase your academic strength. 

Breakdown Of Annual Income And Scholarship Offered For Admission Into Ivy League Schools

The cost for each college differs, so does the scale of financial aid. Some schools in the Ivy League such as Yale University provides students with a table that consists of an approximate amount of expected family contribution based on family situations. Ivy league scholarship is awarded to students, who have the potential to excel with their skills but do not have the resources to afford the cost of education.

Now, that you understand the breakdown of basic income and the scholarship amount for it. Let's see how every college under Ivy League has its criteria segmented for the same.

1. Brown University

The university doesn't provide a scholarship of its own but there are a lot of people who can apply for the same and get scholarships. The Brown Promise program was introduced to replace all the other kinds of student loans with a new system where every single scholarship-eligible student will have their financial needs covered by offering initial packages of scholarships and work-based programs and not by offering additional loans. 

The students with family income less than $30,000 may avail of financial aid of $64,800. Subsequently, the average financial aid amount decreases with the increase in family income. For instance students with a family income, up to $1,10,000 or above will get an average financial aid amount of $49,603 and $23,647, respectively.

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2. Columbia University 

The students coming from a family background with an income level of less than $30,000 per year are eligible for financial aid of $64,190. In addition, the students with an income level above $1,10,000 are eligible for financial aid of $33433. It is observed that the average percentage of students receiving financial aid is approximately 46 percent

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3. Cornell University 

Students coming from a family background with less than $60,000 per year are eligible for a full scholarship. This means it includes both the board and the room. The average number of students receiving financial aid is as high as 52 percent. Cornell University offers financial aid to students with an income level as low as $30,000 and as high as $11,00,000. However, students from a family background of income level above $1,10,000 are still eligible for financial aid of $23,212.

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2. Princeton University

Students from a family background with less than $54,000 per year are eligible for a full-ride scholarship. This like Brown university includes both the board and the room at Princeton University. However, students coming from a family background with income more than that are not offered such prestigious financial aid. Subsequently, students from a family of income of less than $1,20,000 are still eligible for financial aid.

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4. Dartmouth University

Dartmouth University is more moderate and offers scholarships to a student from a family income of less than $1,10,000 per year. This means free tuition fees. 

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5. Harvard University  

 Harvard University offers a huge range of scholarships. Students from income level lesser than $30,000 may avail a financial aid of $68,753. Subsequently, if you come from a higher family income of $1,10,000 and above then you may still avail of financial aid of $24,669. The average student receiving financial aid is 43 percent. The process of selection gets extensively selective.

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6. Yale University

Yale's University has a higher percentage of students receiving financial assistance, which is 54 percent. Students coming from an income level of less than $30,000 are eligible for a full-ride scholarship, which is $68,975. As previously mentioned, this includes both the board and the room. 

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