List of Ivy League Schools

Puzzled about what is Ivy League and what is special about it? Learn the list of schools in Ivy League, their history and more.

Updated by Selva Kumar on 30th January 2020

What is the Ivy League?

The term Ivy League is used to refer to the athletic conference that was created by eight highly esteemed private universities in the Northeastern United States. After the formation of the NCAA athletic division conference in 1954, the term Ivy League became so professional that the term is also used to refer to the academic excellence, acceptance rate, highly selective admission process, and the social elitism of those universities.

List of Ivy League schools.

The complete list of Ivy League schools are mentioned below

  • Brown University.

  • Columbia University.

  • Cornell University.

  • Dartmouth College.

  • Harvard University.

  • Princeton University.

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Yale University.

History of Ivy League Schools

Despite the fact that Ivy League schools are extremely esteemed and prestigious for their acceptance rate, academic excellence, and social elitism as aforementioned, it originally started with the sports and athletics sector.

The Ivy group was formed in the year of 1950 as the Ivy group, but the colleges had their existence far back to the 16th century when the Harward University was formed in 1636 as New College, Yale University was formed in 1702. The University of Pennsylvania was formed in 1740 as a charity school. And in 1746 Princeton University was formed in New Jersey as the College of New Jersey, followed by that the church of England formed the Columbia University in 1754 as king’s college, and the Brown University was formed in 1764 as the college in English colony of Rhode Island and finally Dartmouth college in 1769 and Cornell University in 1865 was established.

Though the Ivy group was formed inn1950s itself, the term Ivy league was coined later in 1954, shortly after the NCAA athletic conference Divison was formed. In the period of 1950s basketball was considered as the sport with high prestige in the realm of sports. So even though the Ivy League was a group of elite schools, there were rivalries and disputes within and outside the league like Cornell and Harvard University had hockey rivals, likewise, Harvard and Penn had football rivals along with that Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania have been basketball rivals for a long time, these college’s sports and athletics became so famous that they even used to play games in new york city, where the people can spectate by getting tickets, the colleges made a good amount of revenue from the ticket sales. These colleges not only had rivalries in sports but also in terms of academics.

Apart from the rivals and disputes within each Ivy League college, they have also played an important role in the cultural impacts and they have made their own achievements.which made them more famous and lead them to become some of the prestigious colleges in the world.

Why should you care about the Ivy League Schools?

All the colleges of Ivy League have made their own accomplishment, and they are considered few of the oldest universities in the US, these college’s history can be traced back to 16 and 17 century giving a historic landmark in the education as aforementioned.

The Ivy League was concerned about the athletic and sports interest of the colleges, thus leading the colleges to excel in academics.


Most of the top universities will provide the students and professors with funds and materials to research and proceed a study on that, enrolling in an Ivy League you will add an advantage of obtaining resources needed for the research.

In fact, these universities expect professors to create new theories and topics for publishment. So this facility provides you with intellectual and talented professors along with the resources required for the students for their education.

Career and Job

Pursuing your education in Ivy League schools can train you to face the highly competitive world with ease.

A survey conducted by CNN reveals that out of the top 100 startups, 34 of the CEOs went to Harvard University.

And out of 114 Supreme Court Justices, more than 60% of them pursued their education in an Ivy League University.

And more than half of the senior finance managers of the top finance companies like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, etc are from the Ivy League University especially the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.

A study conducted by the US Department of Education reveals that students who graduate in the Ivy League universities get a higher salary than the students who graduated in general university.