Easiest Majors to Study in College

Are you in a dilemma as to which major to choose in college? Are you looking for a major that is comparatively easier but at the same time has promising career prospects? In this article we discuss about the easiest majors to study in college. Read on..

TCM Staff

9th April 2020

The greatest decision that most undergraduates and aspiring college kids must take is the dilemma of what college major to choose. A college major is a variety of subjects and courses that must be completed in order to get a degree and a diploma. A college major potentially decides what an individual wishes to do in the future. For example, if you major in computer science you may wish to pursue a job in the IT(information technology) field. Your college major also decides what your future earning potential and financial stability could be. In order to pick a college major one must stick to his/her strengths. For instance, you may be interested in writing or comprehension but you may be weak at computer skills. If this is the case you would be better off picking English and creative writing as your major as opposed to computer programming. 

Given below are a series of factors that you can take into consideration before actually making a decision:

  • Interest levels: does the major you are about to choose truly interest you? If not it is advisable to not choose it, as motivation and interest run out rather quickly leaving you stuck with a major you choose but are not truly invested in. this would further lead to you dropping this major or switching majors which would potentially waste a lot of valuable time.

  • Study time: the second question you might want to ask yourself is whether you want to spend a major part of your time studying or researching. If not it is once again advisable that you choose a major that is less studying and more immersive. For example, if you aren't interested in extended hours of studying you would be more suited to physical education or similar majors.

  • Job perspectives: another important factor to consider when you pick a major is the availability of jobs after your graduation. This means picking a major that no one has heard about would not work to your advantage as it would result in a lack of jobs or no job at all.

  • Money perspective: one of the most important things to consider when picking a major is earning potential. Picking a major that has limited or no earning potential could cause complications in the future.

After you have considered the above factors and are still unsure about the type of college major you wish to pick, given below are the easiest college majors to study.


Psychology is the science of the mind. If you have a natural talent at analyzing your friend’s emotions or your significant other’s mood this major will be the right fit for you. But at the same time, it takes a lot more than your knowledge of your friends to choose this major. Psychology has a number of sub-branches including clinical psychology and abnormal psychology. This major is extremely interesting and immersive. Finding motivation and interest to continue this course would not be hard as the course load is not very heavy.

A psychology major has the option to choose from a variety of careers. This is because an understanding of human emotions is a very valuable characteristic for certain jobs. This includes high paying jobs like- human resources director or even an operations manager. The average salary for a psychology major is $198,000.

Criminal Justice Major

If you have an avid interest in courts, policing and corrections, in general, the best major would be criminal justice. Criminal justice involves the entire process of apprehending policing and correcting a criminal. This major does not usually involve a lot of study time but it does require a certain level of emotional maturity because as a criminal justice major you might run across certain cases that are slightly disturbing. 

A criminal justice major has a limited number of cases to choose from so it is advisable to minor in marketing or advertising so as to have a backup employment opportunity. criminal justice majors can choose from a variety of careers including- police and detectives or even correctional officers and bailiffs. The average salary of a criminal justice major is $139,000. 

Public Relations and Advertising

Are you good with people? And when you tell a story do people stop what they’re doing just to listen to you? If the answer is yes the best major for you to pursue is possibly public relations and marketing. This would mean you are good with people and have the rare ability to shape a person’s opinion about something. This is a highly valuable skill and can be further improved by choosing public relations and marketing as a major.

Public relations and marketing majors have a variety of jobs from which they can choose including- executive manager and project manager. The average salary of public relations and advertising majors is $563,000.

Social Work

Social work is usually for those individuals that have an extremely high emotional quotient or compassion quotient. Social work isn’t necessarily an easy career because it requires a certain emotional and mental strength, but it does not have a heavy workload at all. In fact, social work majors are able to choose from a variety of career opportunities like social and community service managers. The average salary of a social work major is $139,000.


If you have the ability to easily explain difficult concepts to people who have a hard time understanding this major is perfect for you. The education major would allow you to efficiently impart your knowledge to children and other individuals easily. Education majors can choose from a variety of career opportunities like principal or even an elementary school teacher. The average salary of an education major is $9,000.  

In conclusion, there is no specific list of easy college majors as they are dependent on the individual in question. But in order to provide a list that would allow you to pick majors in an objective manner, the above list would come in very handy. Do your due research; the final call is yours to make. 

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